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Monday, August 22, 2011

Day #976 - Mushrooms

This morning there was action at the jobsite.

The insulation company filled a few walls which needed insulating from the exterior before the stucco wrapping.

Electrical finish work continued.

The framing guys were taking care of some repair issues as well as completing the three major trusses.


At noon Doc, Daryl, and I went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. I found a penny on the way in. (Coin #1). As we were standing and waiting for our order, I was busy talking to Daryl about cabinetry ideas. Doc said, “Note the coin on the table next to your hand!” Good thing it wasn’t a scorpion - it could have stung me! (Coin #2). Then our tax accountant walked in with his wife. We were telling her about Penny Finding when she saw a penny under a table next to us. There was an additional penny there as well! (Coins #3&4). Then Daryl spotted another one close by. (Coin #5) Daryl noted: “The pennies are sprouting like mushrooms around us!” There was one coin for each of us. Much laughter.

On Doc’s way home he obtained a median find quarter. (Coin #6)


At 12:30 I met with the rep at the flooring store who had completed some very rough cost estimates.

This afternoon the leaded glass window (which I ordered from Minnesota) arrived. I ordered it one week ago (in exchange for the melted gold bracelet). It is beautiful! I immediately took it to the Stained Glass shop for Rhonda to see it. She said that piece in the US could be $800-$1200 to manufacture. The price for this piece was $165 + $40 shipping. For any of you who like leaded glass, there are some really nice pieces at this website:


Sometimes people (especially my family) ask, “WHY do you write Penny Tales?” On many days I have the same question. All I can say is “I have to”.

Today someone said, “THANK YOU for your positive stories. My parents are having a nightmare experience as they are building their home. It is nice to know there are good experiences as well.”

I see these Penny Tales as “nightly news”. Most news programs focus on the yucky stuff going on around us. I want to highlight the good stuff.

I was about to hit the “send” button and remembered another fun and quick encounter today. Friday Tommy the stucco guy said we needed a deck guy to install flashing and coat the master bedroom deck. We met Dan the Deck guy on Sunday afternoon and he reviewed our job. He was absolutely delightful. This evening he called to follow up. The pieces can be manufactured by Wednesday. He will squeeze our project in for a Thursday install. Payment? He’ll just go forth on our word and in a month or so when the process is finished, we can pay him then. For now he just wants to keep us on schedule.

You know how sometimes you meet really great people and walk away from the encounter saying, “ Wow! that person is such a pleasure to be around?” We seem to have a lot of those persons “adding value” to the Penny Palace.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.30

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