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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day #963 - Sweet Treats

This morning Doc and Sparky went for a coffee and a walk around the parking lot where they found a penny. (Doc Coin #1) Doc came home and then we headed out in independent vehicles for the job site. I decided to shop at the 99¢ store for some treats for the workers. I parked my truck and noticed Doc was right behind me! I told him I really could handle this task on my own. He was just there to find coins. He found a dime. (Doc Coin #2).

Doc proceeded to the jobsite while I made a few stops:

a) Printing shop to cut the construction paper I bought yesterday. A pack of 99¢ 12 x 18 paper cut to 12x12 will make great “mock up” tiles to lay out my flooring ideas.

b) Office supply store

c) CVS to look for my coin for today. At first didn’t find any. Then a penny in the cold beer aisle (Tina Coin #1)

d) Blueprint shop to get copies of drawings Carlos and I worked on last night.


When we arrived at the jobsite today, there were Sweet Treats on the mocked-up kitchen counter. It’s great when the Elves prepare goodies during the night. Upon investigation we found our ‘elf’ to be Crissa, the fireplace rep who has been so helpful in researching dozens of fireplace options for us. Too bad we missed her visit.

At the jobsite there was once again so much happening. We needed to determine placements of the medicine cabinets so that the light boxes could be mounted. But will the light fixtures hang up? Or down? It makes a difference in placements. Heck, I have not selected all the fixtures yet!

I laid out furniture, mocked up more of the kitchen (using the empty bathtub box as the fridge).


On his way home, Doc stopped for a late lunch and a penny at Jack’s. (Doc Coin #3).

On my way home I stopped at a paper supply center for more “flooring tiles” (I needed additional colors), then to a hobby store for glow-in-the-dark paint for the guest room ceiling. They were out of the paint, but a dime was found there. (Tina Coin #2). Next to Michael’s Crafts for the paint. They carried Neon Pink or Green! Not what I want for the Aussie guest room.

Total: 5 Coins P (3), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.23

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