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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day #960 - Coupled

Doc has been saying for a while that we needed to run one water line from the main shut off valve across the driveway to the veggie garden and another one out to the future orchard area. Today while grader Craig had his equipment out, it was time to take care of that.

Earlier in the week Doc said, “You and I can run those pipes in an hour”. Let’s see…it took 30 minutes to make up the shopping list, then another hour to get the parts (Trip #1), then 4 hours of coupling the pieces (Doc and I and plumber’s son Jake also helping). After several hours the job was completed and the PVC pieces were all coupled. That, as a result, made Doc half of a happy couple.

Doc’s disclaimer: He intended originally to run one line, but then his plans were upgraded to run 8 lines.

Plumber Bryon was installing the bath fixtures, running gas lines and numerous other things.

HVAC guys were running ducting.

We had a wedding to attend, so I was determined to leave the jobsite by 11:30 a.m. We left at 1 p.m..


Penny Finding:

Breakfast stop at McDonald’s. No coins, so I walked next door to Taco Bell, then KFC wile Doc was eating. Nickel under the window at KFC. (Coin #1) Noticed a quarter in a deep crack, so retrieved tools from the van and extracted a quarter and two coins. Not initially sure what they were (Coins #2-4).

Next was the jobsite, then Home Depot for supplies (a different one for some fresh hunting territory). Obtained 530 LF of piping, glue and many different couplers. Searched the check out area three times. Nothing. Then after checking out I glanced back to see half a penny visible from under a cabinet. (Coin #5) No pennies at the second Home Depot an hour later.

One penny at McDonalds where Doc stopped for lunch after leaving the jobsite. (Coin #6)

# 7 here somewhere, but I can’t remember where.


The drive to the wedding was long, so Doc stopped to use a restroom. I searched for coins. Found something oval in the planter bed - a schmush penny! One penny by the payphone. I searched through 8 gas pump bays and finally said, “Look Angels, with all these pumps I KNOW there is a penny here.” Instantly there was a penny at my feet. (Coins #8-10)


The wedding was beautiful. Outdoors on a hilltop at sunset. Western theme with all the guys wearing cowboy hats and the cake in the shape of a hat. Really fun. Bride, Meredith is like our niece and it was a pleasure to see her so Happily Coupled with Simon.

Total: 10 Coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $0.56

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