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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day #955 - Heavy Rain

We were out the door by 7:30 to be on site by 8 a.m. Doc collected breakfast and a nickel at McDonalds. (Coin #1)

Much activity on site today. For starters it looked like there had been some heavy rain yesterday. There was evidence of water puddles inside the house. Plus the dirt on the entire site was marked with noticeable impact marks. Doc had planned to water down the site over the weekend, but it looks like the weather angels took care of the job for us. Great when they take on some of the action items for us.

The roofing team was hard at work when we arrived. It was already over 90 degrees air temperature and probably hotter on the roof where they were working. The fireplace installers arrived at 8:30 a.m. They installed the firebox, scrambled up the ladder and had the vent stack installed in a very short time. The solar tube installer arrived just after 9 a.m.

With all those guys working, Doc figured there was no sense in him hanging around, so he went for coffee. Project Manager Daryl arrived along with framer Danny. I went over my latest ideas on decorative posts and beams to solicit their feedback.

Roofer Bill arrived around 9:30 and outlined his plans. He is a wealth of information on other topics as well.

I found some scrap pieces of plywood and nailed down two mock countertops. I wanted to confirm my clearances and travel paths.

By noon the fireplace and roof portion of the solar tubes were in place. Most everyone had gone except for roofers Francisco and Rafael and Doc and I. We were expecting delivery of a shower pan, but did not want to wait any longer, so we left the roofers in charge of receiving the order. I did tell them about Penny Tales and gave them a Penny Card before leaving.


Doc and I had to exchange an item we purchased last Saturday. There was a penny on the floor behind the service counter. So I asked the cashier if I could have that one in exchange for a Penny Card. (Coin #2).

We passed by the cabinet shop to update John on the project status. He said that yesterday’s rain was extremely heavy. “There is no way there could have been any heavier rain than what occurred in those 5 minutes yesterday. I have never seen such a downpour”. I was laughing. It took Doc 2 hours to water down the property. It only took the Angels 5 minutes to do a better job!

Next we went to three places in search of a doggie door. The exterior house doors are being made this week and we need a template for the manufacturer to cut out the doggie door.

As Doc was exiting the freeway, there was a Median Find at the red light. (Coin #3). How do so many coins get on medians and freeway offramps?

Tonight’s activities: Log in July penny finds, Design plans and complete application for HOA architectural committee on the potential solar panels, Complete chimney shroud design, Sign and FAX garage door order and a whole bunch more. Exciting week!

Total: 3 Coins P (2), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.07

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