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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day #958 - In the Way

The first phone call (at 7:15 a.m.) was from grader Craig. “I’m standing here with the Gas Co. Inspector and the roofing equipment is in the way of the trench we need to uncover”. Once again we were off to a fast start. For starters, the inspector was scheduled for afternoon in order to give Craig the morning to get the trench dug. So I wanted to politely tell him to go back to his office and return later as scheduled. J

On the way to the jobsite, we stopped at Home Depot to get a few light fixtures so we could use them to determine placements of the electrical boxes. I hopped out of the van and thought, “It would be neat to find a penny in this green grass patch.” Instantly there was a shiny penny - just past the dog poop which was in the way of it! (Coin #1)

The shopping went well. I found the one sconce I was looking for. Then I showed Doc the pendant lights I was considering for his coffee bar. They were on sale from $30 to $20. Yipee! So I bought those 3 fixtures today as well.

At the check out area Doc noticed a penny where I had looked a few minutes earlier. It was right in our way. (Coin #2)


Jobsite: Grader Craig unearthed the gas line. Gas Co. inspector verified things. HVAC guy working. Four guys working on electrical. Bank inspector came out and took photos for July payments to subs. Daryl was on site. Master tub delivered this morning. The GradeAll was returned to rental agency.

Doc took off to get water for the workers. While he was gone, the bathtub and shower enclosure arrived. There was one construction truck and three sand piles in the driveway. Plus the backhoe was blocking the garage door. Definitely things in the way as the delivery guys tried to transport the boxes to the garage.


On the way home Doc and I stopped for petrol. I found two pennies in the pumping area and Doc claimed a dime in the planter. (Coins #3-5).

When we were stopped on the freeway offramp two days ago I thought I spied a coin. Yesterday I again thought there might be a coin on my side, but the light was green. Today I asked Doc to time his exit so we would approach the light just as it turned red. That gave me enough time to jump out of the van and grab that quarter! (Coin #6). It was right in my way.


This evening I re-folded and stored 145 solar car shirts. We took many of them out to display at the solar car team reunion last month. I had been avoiding dealing with them. They were definitely in our way and needed to be put in their place. It felt good to tackle that.

Thought: What things are “in your way” which could be cleared up if just dealt with instead of avoided?

Total: 6 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0. 39

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