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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day #959 - Double Duty

Today Doc needed a break -- from the Penny Palace, from Penny Finding, and from me. So while he stayed home and ‘recharged’, I was pulling double duty on site. Despite all the hurdles, everyone seems to enjoy being part of the Penny Palace team.

After some necessary phone calls and emails this morning, I was off to the architect’s office for a 9 a.m. meeting. Two hours for some drawing revisions, then it was off to the jobsite.

There are numerous action items to tackle yet tonight, so here is a real quick summary of today:

  • Door manufacturer called today because doggie door won’t fit in our selected people door. Thus new people door ordered
  • “As Built” floorplan at the architect’s office
  • Had an out-of-state guest drop by to see the Penny Palace at 11:30. I arrived at Noon and thus missed him
  • Gas Company installed their line and stubbed for the future meter
  • HVAC guys working all day
  • Electrical crew (4 guys) working all day
  • Grader Craig dug trench to garage and trench to street
  • Water line severed, needs repair tomorrow
  • Framer Danny working on fireplace and other details
  • Next load of lumber ordered
  • Daryl obtained scaffolding
  • Neighbors came over to say hello
  • One of the contractors who had bid on our job dropped in to see our progress

When I entered the Dragon’s Lair there was a gift on the table. A figurine of a boy and girl with pennies falling from heaven. Really beautiful. Trying to figure out who left that. The subs all claim they know nothing.

Good night!


OOPS! I almost forgot about the Penny Part of today. I left the jobsite approximately 6 p.m. My cell phone rang just before I reached the freeway, so I pulled off at the Walgreen parking lot to check the message. As long as I was there, I figured I’d better look for a coin. Nothing in the parking lot, nothing inside the store. As I walked back to the truck I said, “Look Angels, I’d be OK with just a single coin. I’m tired and just want to go home. Would you provide a coin - Please?” I walked past the pharmacy drive up window and there was a single penny. “Thank You Angels”.

Total: 1 Penny

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