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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day #961 - Foreign Finds

Today I had much creative design work to accomplish. For that I need time to “get into the right mode”, then a large clean work area, inspirational music, and no distractions. I was asking the Angels what could be done with Doc? Within minutes the phone rang. It was son Stephen asking if Doc could help move a few packing boxes. I expected Doc to be gone 2-4 hours. He was gone nearly eight!

Doc did stop by the construction site where HVAC and Plumbing teams were both working today.

This morning I dealt with “leftovers” from the solar car reunion and other July projects. Got them off the table, then used glass cleaner and had a fresh surface to begin work. At noon I began working on the “as built” drawings for the house; some floor tile layouts, some cabinetry and other things. I was just getting into it when Doc called at 4 p.m. and said he was on his way home.

At 6 p.m. I changed out of pajamas in order to go to school and then to do the weekly grocery shopping.


Penny Finding

Doc came home from Stephen’s house with several coins in hand. One penny when he went to Subway for breakfast. One Canadian 5¢ when he went for coffee. Two pennies from the 99¢ store when he stopped for goodies on his way home. (Coins #1-4)

We went to Cal Poly Pomona to put away some of the things I had sorted this morning. One very dirty penny by a trash can and another by the vending machines. (Coins #5&6).

At the first grocery store Doc found a quarter. (Coin #7). He said, “If I find a dime, will the Canadian coin count as a nickel for a ‘Hit for the Cycle’”? Good question. What is your vote?

At the third grocery store we collected four dimes and five pennies. (Coins #8-1Day #9616). Also two foreign coins - a 5 cent Euro and a ??? (Coins #17&18)


Total: 18 Coins P (10), N (?), D (4), Q (1) + 3 foreigns = $0.75 + 5 cent Canadian, 5 cent Euro and ?? Anyone have a suggestion?

Do the Canadian and Euro 5 cent pieces count toward the Hit for the Cycle? (They are each worth more than a US nickel).

1 comment:

JR said...

The Euro is more, the Canadian isn't.
Doesn't count.
Can you get a flat picture of your unknown?