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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day #984 - Lunch Date

Jaime and Carlos installed the cathedral windows. Those are finally in place. The front door is now in place - and opening the correct way. The remaining exterior doors were installed.

The electrician moved the two kitchen counter outlets and did a few more wrap-up things.

We met with Robert, our solar panel engineer. He has designed the system to get two more panels on the garage roof.

On the way to the jobsite this morning Doc and I stopped at a glass shop to further investigate those glass shelves. We now have those defined.

Then Doc stopped at a Starbucks for his morning coffee. I walked next door to the burger place and collected my penny. Doc found his coin right next to the van as we were leaving. (Coins #1&2). This evening as we were driving home there was a very run over penny at the end of the freeway offramp. Sit-N-Find (Coin #3)

The highlight of today was a lunch date with my brother, Greg. He has seen our project only once before - when the foundation had just been poured. He is also currently building a house, so he could appreciate our project more than the typical visitor could.

Total: 3 pennies

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