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Monday, August 15, 2011

Day #969 - More Good Stories

This morning there were a number of tasks to undertake, so Doc and I headed out separately. He went to the bank to deposit that construction check. I headed to get copies of the floorplan drawings and some supplies to put ID tags on the window screens so we can remove them before they get plastered. When entering the store I said, “Penny Angels can you have a coin here so that I have that task taken care of today?” There were no coins inside the store and I was disappointed. But as I walked out, there was a penny. (Coin #1)


As I was driving down the freeway to the job site, I was talking to Pippy (my copper-colored pick up truck). I thanked her for providing reliable and fuel-efficient transportation and apologized for letting her get so dirty. I told her I just didn’t have time to get her washed. A few minutes later I was parked in front of the construction site and a neighbor kid walked up and asked if he could make a few bucks for washing the vehicles parked out there! I asked, “How much?” He said whatever I wanted it to be! Is that manifesting or what? So Pippy got washed while I was working on site. Wow! What are the chances of a guy just going around a residential area asking to wash cars?


More guests today - Frank, a colleague from school who also teaches Engineering, and his wife Donna. They live in the area.

The framing crew was working on the front trellis. It is amazing how they can lift those heavy timbers. (See video). The posts turned out to be too tall, so the crew took the heavy timbers down, shortened them, and put them up a second time.

I found one penny on the floor of my office. I won’t count that one because I think the guys are having fun with me. (Planted penny).

When leaving the construction site I stopped to buy flowers for Rhonda (the owner of the stained glass shop). There was a penny next to the foot of another customer. I offered her a Penny Card to explain why I was going to grab by her ankles! We had a good laugh. (Coin #2).


At lunchtime Doc went out for a Hawaiian BBQ meal. He found a penny at that restaurant. (Coin #3)

Then when he stopped at the grocery store on his way home, he collected a dime. (Coin #4)


This is a really good story:

Last Friday after I discovered those leaded glass sidelights, I came home to look up ‘caming’ on Wikipedia and learn a little more about Leaded Glass. In the sidebar I saw the link to

Stained Glass and More. I just could not resist peeking. One particular glass piece just Wowed me! It really goes with the “Hart and Sol” motif of the house. But I can’t really justify $165 on a doodad.

Doc happened to mention that the price of gold has been quite high lately. Which got us to thinking …remember that gold bracelet Doc found on Day #420? I don’t really wear jewelry. A window would be so much better than a bracelet. A window would be seen every day!

This afternoon at 4:45 I again challenged the Angels (or asked for their guidance). I said, “If this bracelet is meant to be converted to that window, then the melt price will need to cover the cost.”

I KNEW that the local jeweler was closed on Mondays, so I went to a pawn shop. The guy offered $138, but said he could be pushed to $150. The window is $165 so that would not work. I walked out.

I drove past the jeweler a little after 5 p.m.. They were OPEN on a Monday! I don’t know why. I told Stephanie I was considering exchanging the bracelet for a window. She weighed the gold and said, “Will $270 pay for your window?” Yes!!!! Plus one of the leaded glass windows from last Friday! AWESOME.

I rushed home to order the Crystal Hearts pane. At 5:30 p.m. instead of ordering on line, I telephoned to place a live order. The time in Minnesota would be 7:30 p.m. What are the chances someone would still be there? Suzie picked up the phone! No, they normally don’t work this late. The Angels must be intervening once again! The window will ship out tomorrow.

Total: 4 Coins P (3), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.13

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