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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day #983 - Day 200

This is Day #200 since we were given the “green light” to begin construction on the Penny Palace. It is impressive to review the photos and videos from the past 6 months.

We are beginning this week with much anticipation of significant progress in the next few days.

On the way to the jobsite this morning I stopped at Wilcoxson Concrete to show Rick a sample of the stone we obtained Saturday at the manufacturing yard.

Next, I stopped at an office supply store to return 3 re-filled ink cartridges which did not work for me. As I walked into the store I said, “Penny Angels, this is the only place I plan to go other than the jobsite, so today’s coin needs to be found here.” I found the penny wedged in a dirty corner under a display rack.

At the jobsite, the framing crew was hard at work. Today they were installing exterior doors, cutting the concrete footing for the dungeon access, working on the plumbing access panel and more. The sheet metal guy finished his work.

Remember on Saturday I said Doc and I were brainstorming about an idea for glass shelving in the kitchen? Over the weekend I diagramed those and Doc calculated the maximum deflections for the loads we expect. Looks like it should work.

I wanted the cabinet makers’ blessing - Doc and I could engineer it, but could John make it look appealing as well? I tentatively called John at 11:30 a.m. asking, “Is there any chance you might be in our area within the next 1.5 hours? I’d like to discuss some ideas with you.” His reply, “Well actually, yes! I have a job this afternoon right around the corner from you. If I leave my office right now, I could see you first!” I sure like all the COINcidences on this project

It was very helpful today to mock up the one wall of kitchen cabinets. It showed us that two electrical plugs need to be moved since one would be in the middle of a glass shelf and the other would be in the middle of the spice rack. People make fun of my mock ups, but hopefully those will help avoid some of the “Ohh Poops!” later!

Doc stopped at the grocery store on his way home for some munchies and one penny.

Total: 2 pennies

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