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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day #1,324 - Shared Tips and Joy

Lawn Shed Beef Up

This morning was reserved for Handyman George.  When he comes over, things get done!  Within the first two hours George, his wife Ana, and Doc got those reinforcing brackets on the lawn shed.  They beefed up the walls and painted the new wood.

Hanging Doc's 2nd TV
Since Ana was helping the guys with the jobs I usually do (getting tools, lifting, fetching, cleaning, painting), I used the time to do some organizing in the garage.  That is not something I can hire out.  I also dealt with some uninvited guests in the kitchen (ants).

Hanging Copper Ceiling Fans
When the crew finished the lawn shed, they moved inside.  My “To Do” list said the ceiling fans were second priority.  Doc, George, and the three male dogs did not agree.  They demanded that the TV be wall mounted in Doc’s office before any other work.  Fortunately that job only took 15 minutes.

Ceiling fans were then hung.  The wiring was not quite as expected, so that took some figuring out.  Doc also realized that one of the problems was a low battery on his multi meter which was giving us invalid readings.

First Open House
At 2:30 p.m. I headed to the Pomona house.  Realtor Adrie was having an Open House from 1-4 today.  Let’s hope some of the guests turn out to be potential buyers vs. Look-E-Loos.

On the way home I stopped at the bank.  No coins.  So I walked next door to the grocery store, no coins.  Stopped at the 99¢ store and still no coins.  So I got serious with the Penny Angels.  “You are making this too difficult today.  I want to get home and create that new mailbox display, so please cough up a coin!”

Mailbox Display
I stopped at a closed car wash.  Immediately found one penny.  “Thank Angels”.  But I could not resist looking just a little further …  I spotted a shiny penny.  There were four car wash workers sitting at the back of the lot watching the crazy lady.  They could have been waiting for a ride home or just shooting the breeze.  I flashed them the found penny and a big smile, then went on my way. 

3 Amigos
I heard a whistle, but thought nothing of it.  Again I heard a whistle and turned to look back.  The older guy was beckoning to me, so I walked back to see what he wanted.  He was holding out a dollar for me!  I’m sure it was one of his dollars from his tips today.  I don’t speak Spanish so I gave hand signals to say, “Thanks, but no.  I am Penny Finding, not desperately seeking money.”  He offered me the bill again, which I refused while giving him a Penny Card.  I introduced myself, shook his hand, and asked his name.  I thought it sweet that Guillermo would offer a stranger part of his tips.

As I started to drive away, there was the “nudging”.  This week while cleaning out my purse, I found one of the $10 bills I had stashed in a side pocket for the Day #1000 Celebration where we were giving away $10 bills.  I was going to put it back in my wallet, but instead tucked it back into that separate pocket to be gifted.  So I pulled up close to the guys, left the engine running, walked up to Guillermo with my hands closed together obviously holding something.  I held out my hands to him and he opened his to receive whatever it was.  He had no clue, but was going on faith and trust.  I dropped the bill and turned quickly to leave.  (Hit and Run).  He gave a big smile and thanks.  Hopefully that will make for a GREAT story at dinnertime with his family tonight.

Doc found two pennies today as well.  One when he went out for breakfast, one when he went for lunch, but none when he went to get dinner.

I arrived home at 6:30 p.m. determined to get several projects completed tonight.  My “fun” project was the August Mailbox display.  I figured many people would be driving the neighborhood on a Sunday, so I wanted to get that completed for their enjoyment.  Other people decorate for Christmas.  I decorate in smaller chunks throughout the year.

Total:  4 Pennies

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