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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day #1,332 - No Hurry

For weeks Doc has been bugging me to deal with the pile of stuff in the Grand Room.  Yesterday I found a sofa which I plan to order just as soon as I clean up the pile in the Grand Room and verify size and placement…  I had planned to make it a priority today and spend 3-4  hours on the project.  It is now 10:30 p.m. and I haven’t worked on it at all.

Improving the Improvements
This morning’s first priority was to get back-logged Penny Tales written and uploaded.  From 7:30 a.m. until Noon I got three of them ‘out the door’.  I also worked on the design of an upper cabinet for Doc’s office.

Today was laundry day so that we are not using that power during the work week (peak load time).

Doc replaced the added lumber in the lawn shed.  He knew the recycled, cruddy looking pieces were bugging me.  The remaining ones now need painting.  Before starting work of course he and Sparky went for a coffee.   They collected a penny and a dime. (Doc #1&2)

Friends Dropping By
This afternoon some long-time friends called.  Since groundbreaking day (18 months ago) Kathy has been saying she will come see the Penny Palace.  She lives so far away.  (Three Miles).  This afternoon, Kathy and Daryl came to visit.  What fun.

At 4 p.m. Doc and I headed over to the Pomona house to take out the garbage and fill the water ponds.  Realtor Adrie said today’s Open House got a considerable amount of traffic.  Probably because of the huge car show at the nearby fairgrounds.
Chores at Pomona House

Doc and I went to our usual three grocery stores for the weekly shopping.  One penny at the first store.  Three pennies and dime at second store.  (Coins 1-5)

At the third grocery store the cashier was chatting and said, “What are the odds of winning the Lottery?”  I thought to myself, “About the same as finding coins for 1300+ Consecutive days”.  But since I had not found any coins there, I silenced my thought.  Just then I noticed a penny. (Coin #6)  So I shared my thought as well as a penny Card and a smile with the cashier.  Shared Joy.

Around 8 p.m. my mom called to say that she went to Urgent Care this afternoon.  Xrays show there is knee damage from the fall she took Friday.  Tomorrow she needs to see a specialist;  so she was asking my plans for the day…

At 10:30 p.m. I had not even begun working on the Grand Room pile. So much for ordering that new sofa today or tomorrow.  Doc was saying “take your time with that project.  No hurry.  You can delay your spending.”

Total:   8 Coins        P (6), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.26

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