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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day #1,334 - Mom's Attendant

Table Polishing

The alarm went off way too early this morning, but there was not sleeping in because Screen Dale was expected at 8 a.m.  He arrived early while I was still in the shower!  I expected a 15-20 minute meeting merely to choose screen frame colors, but somehow he was here for over an hour.

At 9 a.m. Cleaning Maribel arrived.  I was too busy this morning to work with her, so she was on her own for the next four hours.

Loan Underwriter Tim called. Our loan is almost ready to go, but he wanted additional documents.  Doc and I scrambled since those were not readily obtainable.

While Mom was eating breakfast she noted that the marks on the used dining table I had recently purchased were ugly and needed attention.  I told her “Sure, I’ll put that as Item #7,349 on my action item list. If it bugs you then YOU do something!”  So she and Doc set about to wash, polish, stain, and treat the table.  Tonight it is still oily and in need of wiping, but it does look much better.

At 1 p.m. Mom and I headed out.  We transported a garden hose from the Pomona house to Rental #1 since the lady there said she was trying to water the lawn with a bucket.  I found today’s penny at that stop.

Brace Fitting
Mom’s appointment at the Orthopedics Inc. was at 2:30.  Resident Lindsay was a delight and we actually had a fun time with her.  While Lindsay was customizing Mom’s brace, I got a ‘nudging’ to go out to my truck.  I argued.  “It’s hot out there. I don’t want to go.”  But the nudging to go out would not stop.  I thought it was to get my camera.

When I went outside to the truck, there was an older man parked in the handicapped parking spot.  Temperatures were over 100 degrees again today.  He honked at me.  I did not understand.  I got my camera, then looked his way.  He was signaling me.  Gulp.  What to do?  I went to his open window.  “Se Habla Espanol?”  No.  He pointed to his bandaged knee and seemed like he needed assistance.  So I went inside and found an aide to help the man.  I guess that was why the nudging.

Open Wide
Mom’s next appointment was at 4:30 p.m. at the dentist.  We were quickly ushered into the treatment room where we sat -- for over an hour.  I actually fell asleep with my head on the countertop.  The dentist finally came in, did a test fitting of the new bridge, and was done within 2-3 minutes.  Just one more appointment in two weeks and she will have a full set of teeth again.  She is looking forward to that.

Mom and I stopped at a few thrift stores today seeking a stool for the shower since Mom is not to stand upright without her brace.  We didn’t find a stool, but we did get her some crutches.

We finally arrived home at 7 p.m.  Just after I checked emails, dealt with a few issues and served dinner to Doc and Mom, Handyman George arrived to continue working on his project. My dinner sat there temptingly on the counter.   Interfacing with George always makes my heart happy and it was a pleasure to be of help to him.

Every day is a new adventure …

Total:  1 Penny

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