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Monday, August 6, 2012

Day #1,326 - Decisions

Sorting Text Books
Doc went for coffee at 7-11 first thing this morning.  Walking to the door he saw a penny.  Picked it up.  Looked back and saw Penny #2, then three, then four.  Trail almost back to the van.   He had walked past and over 10 others before sighting the one.  The man NNNEEEDS coffee in order to engage his eyes and brain.  Scary that he was driving a vehicle before having his coffee!    (11 pennies)

Now that we had purchased stronger picture hanging hooks, we were able to hook Doc’s diplomas on the wall.  Yay!

Doc continued working on reinforcement of the lawn shed.  He excitedly showed me his finished work.  I groaned.  He had used painted, recycled lumber which was really dirty and scarred.  The rest of the lawn shed looks all clean, fresh and consistent with its new lumber.  Needless to say Doc’s addition is, well … noticeable.  L

Doc then worked in the detached garage cutting up old lumber and moving things around so that I could work with him on organizing some of the contents.  I worked inside the house for a few hours on rental property paperwork.  At 11:30 Doc said he was ready for my assistance outside.  Even though the garage is covered, temperatures today were over 100 degrees outside. I was not excited that he chose mid-day on one of the hottest days in order to work out there.  I had promised to work with Doc until 1 p.m. and was anxious to get on with my day.  At that point he had sorted ONE box of textbooks.  Too many Decisions.  I expected him to quit.  He did not!  He dove into another box, then a third.  I just bit my tongue.  It is very rare that Doc will sort through things for more than a few minutes at a time.  So although I was anxious to continue with my work day, I just sat there dripping in sweat until 2 p.m. and trying to smile and encourage him.  He even re-boxed his dissertation notes and computer runs (the old box was falling apart).

Finally at 3 p.m. I took off to check out leather color swatches and investigate sofas and a recliner for Doc.  The furniture  store did not have any loose coins to be found, so I walked over to the car wash next door and found a shiny penny, then a second penny.  There was a flower planter on the way back to my truck, and I just KNEW there would be a penny in there.  Sure enough -- one dirt penny!

I met Doc back at the house at 6:30.  I bribed him with dinner if he would then go with me to another furniture store.  We actually managed to visit two stores before closing at 9 p.m.  Decisions, decisions.  Do we want cheap “disposable” furniture to be replaced in 5-6 years, or do we want pieces which will last 20 years?

Total:  14 Pennies

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JR said...

Ya know- some people, even with less than a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering, have been known to make coffee at home, before going out in the morning.

You signed up to keep doc 20 more years, you might as well have the furniture last that long.