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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day #1,343 - New Sofas

Doc laughed at me saying that I was doing the same things this week at the Penny Palace as I was doing at Cal Poly Pomona, but at least I there I got a paycheck at the end of each month.  Now I am doing these crazy things, but just for Love!


Much of today was spent on printed materials.  The First draft of the Open House Invitation was laid out.  I tried to devise a place card template for a friend’s wedding.  Some work was done on the Open House Tour Book and more of those sorts of things. is one site from which I get emails.  Great place to ‘gift’ (get rid of things) and help other people.  Two days ago Angie posted that she wanted Moving Boxes.  I’ve got just a few of those underfoot and Doc has been complaining about them.  He wanted them cut up and put in the Blue Recycle Bin.  I thought someone could probably use them instead.  So this morning Doc and I spent time in the Dungeon dragging out dozens and dozens of boxes.  I was not looking forward to cleaning the dungeon and would probably not have done it for several years.  However, since it was helping someone instead of merely cleaning, I was motivated.

Sofas Arrive
I finally got out of the house at 10 a.m.  Today’s focus was window coverings.  Went to a discount yardage store to get sample swatches.  Then went to Lowe’s to look through their books of shades and blinds.  Found one penny at that stop.

Needed to be home by 2 p.m. since the sofas were scheduled for delivery between 2 and 6.  At 2:30 they arrived.  They look great!  The Grand Room feels really good with some furniture in there instead of construction items and boxes.

Sofa Testing

a)  Today I called Chaz who is designing the Open House Invitations.  He had not yet received the Mock Up I mailed him TEN days ago!  Gr… he had not yet seen any of my ideas.  While we were on the phone he tried finding past files he had for me.  He asked to call me back after he had found my files.  Meanwhile he went out to his mailbox and my letter had arrived. Yipee!  Perfect Timing.

Looking Good

b) Today I was questioning my sanity and trying to figure out WHY I was creating such a complex and expensive event - pretty much like a wedding.  When I went out to meet the sofa delivery guys, a neighbor pulled up and introduced himself.  He asked about seeing the inside of the house.  I told him October for the General Open House and that I was considering a special session just for Neighbors. That might be a Potluck dinner so people could meet one another.  He seemed genuinely excited about that! 
Moving Boxes

COINcidence that he should introduce himself and express interest just as I am needing reassurances?  THIS is why the Open House needs to be more than a simple “open the front door and let people walk around”.  There is too much more involved here.

c)  When Angie came to collect the boxes around 4:45 she was quite Thankful.  I told her that the Penny Palace is a special place built on miracles and love.  She asked  “You mean THIS is the Penny Palace?  I heard you talk about this at a workshop we were attending together and have thought about your Penny Tales ever since then.  You are STILL finding the coins? It was such a neat story.” 

COINcidence that she should cross my path on a day when I needed reassurance?

There were lots of emails, calls and other things going on this evening, so no time for more Penny Finding.  I met the one penny minimum daily requirement.

Total:   1 Penny

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JR said...

Never found a coin in a classroom, until today (and a nickel at that).