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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day #1,349 - Visitors

Waking up to find hundreds of visitors (ants) walking along my kitchen walls does not start the day in a good direction.

My goal was to get the Open House Invitations to the printer by the end of the month.  They were submitted today!  They look great and I expect them to arrive September 7.

I did some catching up on writing and posting Penny Tales.  It seems strange that I am having more trouble keeping up with the writing now (being “retired”) than I did when we were under construction.

Welcomed Guests
Since before construction began on this new house, I always felt that it would be much more than merely a residence for Doc and I.  People often ask, “such a large house for just the two of you?”  “Yes” … and “no”.   It’s difficult to explain, but I ‘cents’ that it is a ‘tool’ to be used for good purposes.  For instance today Sister-in-law Marty needed to meet with someone to give her CPR Refresher training.  That’s not something you can do at a coffee shop or restaurant with mannequins for the needed practice sessions.  So with less that an hour’s warning before their arrival, I changed out of pajamas, cleared the dining table, contained the doggies, and wiped away dead ants.  As Marty and Andre ‘Rescue’ were working, my heart was happy.  Yes!  This is what the Penny Palace was built for -- teaching, training, learning, sharing, JOY!
50% Off Sale

Added bonus:  Marty is a great cook and she brought me some pasta she had made.  Free food for using my floor?  You bet!

I was not able to complete my errands yesterday (urgent need to return home to work with the electricians), so Doc and I headed out this afternoon.  We first returned the sample upholstery fabrics we had checked out last Saturday.  The fabrics had been on sale at 40% off at the time, but the sale ended Saturday and I was wrestling because we really liked the three fabrics we chose. But at full price, that would be outrageous.  My Mom called earlier to say she had a flyer indicating all 54” Home Decorating Fabrics this week were 50% off At that store!!!  That’s even better.  So I placed my order with Eddie and expect those within 7-10 days.

There was a penny as I was leaving the fabric store.  Good Omen (Coin #1).  And while I was inside, Doc found a nickel by the newspaper stands outside.  (Coin #2)

Doc next wanted to purchase some new shirts.  He likes to go to WalMart where they usually have a good selection of 2X sizes under $10.  While he was browsing, I looked for coins.  I found two pennies  (Coins #3&4).  I returned to show Doc the coins and then I bent over to put them in my shoe (so they don’t fall out of my pocket).  There was a dime about 1” from my shoe!  I had truly “stopped on a dime!”  (Coin #5).  I found one additional  penny as we were checking out.  (Coin #6).

Total:  6 Coins        P (4), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.19

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