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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day #1,348 - Coin Mining

On many days things seem to run behind schedule.  Today things ran ahead of schedule!  It was really nice how things ‘clicked’.  There were dozens and dozens of good things.  It would take pages to list them.

I had less than four hours sleep when the alarm when off this morning, and was really not prepared to begin this marathon day.

Rain Gutter Guys
I was expecting the gutter guys to come over later today after they completed their job across the street.  They were knocking at the door around 8 a.m.  They were here to add an additional length of gutter in front and tie that in with the drain system.

At 8:40 Maribel arrived for her housecleaning session.  Her four hours every other week barely makes a dent in the cleaning needed, but every bit helps.  I asked her today if she would work the Open House days, so you’ll get to meet her when you visit.

By 9:20 I was at the paper supply company to get border paper for the Engineering Potluck.  My strategy is this:  Doc will be motivated to help fix up the house for his department’s annual potluck which he agreed a year ago to host..  I have planned MY Open House for the week after that - October 13th & 14th.

At 9:40 I was at the Pomona house to add bleach to the ponds.  By 10 a.m. I was at Mom’s house to take her to the Doctor for her fractured knee.  Things went really quickly at the Ortho Clinic.  The doctor said she had made remarkable progress in the two weeks and no longer needed to wear the brace.  She had ‘graduated’.  Mom wanted to go to the post office, hardware store and lunch.  We were running ahead of my planned schedule, so I chauffeured her.  My next stop was at the party supply store to get place cards for the upcoming wedding. 

Just as I was getting into the truck, Graphic Designer Chaz called to say he had made the edits to the Open House program.  (Which I submitted to him at midnight last night).  That was motivating.  He said he needed a photo of the Penny Palace with better lighting than the photos I took yesterday.  I promised to try and take one if I got home in time tonight.

There was an accident on the freeway and temperatures were over 100 degrees, so by the time I arrive at my 1:30 meeting in Pasadena I was dripping and tense. I met with Drapery Brian at the store.  He only had 1.5 hours to work, so we needed to put it in high gear.  He LOVED the fabric Doc and I had found.  When I showed him the placemats I had also discovered, everything seemed to be falling into place.  He very much appreciated that I had spreadsheets, lists, etc. all prepared. (That was why I was working until 3 a.m. last night).

The fabric Drapery Brian had chosen for the TV room would have scored 80% if I were grading it.  The one or two I found at the other store would rate 90-92% and I was prepared to order one of those.  Once when Brian walked away, I hopped up to look around the store.  Found a fabric which I would give a 95-96%  Yipee!  We are now maybe half way to finalizing things.

I was planning to go three more places when Doc called.  The electricians were at the house to take care of some of the little glitches.  I have been trying to get them out to the house for the past three months!  I needed to rush home and pull out my list of fix its for them.

There was a magical photo shoot here.  See Special Story
By 6:30 I was exhausted.  Realized that I had not found any coins today!  Rats!  Needed to head out again.  Doc teasingly said, “the car wash paid well yesterday, maybe we should go there again.”  Doubting Tina said, “Those 25 coins we found yesterday had probably accumulated over several months and we scoured the area pretty thoroughly. We might find one or two coins and that would be enough for me ‘cause I don’t want to spend much time searching.  Plus I just want to write a short Tale tonight.
Coin Gobbling

For the first few moments as I walked around the closed car wash, I didn’t’ spot any coins.  Then the sun glistened on a penny, then another, then another, then another … I looked in the dirt planter and spotted several more pennies.  They had been there quite a while. How could we have missed them last night?  Doc came over and began picking up coins as well.  He found a nickel and two unrecognizable coins.  We collected 42 coins there!!!!!!  (Coins #1-42)  Coin Mine!

What a Haul!
As I walked down the driveway at the Jacks fast food, penny after penny kept appearing.  The sun was glowing on them and it seemed as if they were leading me somewhere.   Eight pennies there. (Coins #43-50)

Rainbow Dime
Doc had found a quarter and three pennies earlier in his day when he went for morning coffee and then his lunch.  (Doc #1 - 4).  So to get a Hit for the Cycle, we were just missing a dime.  I think Doc is beginning to BELIEVE in this hocus pocus.  He started saying out loud:  Dime, dime, dime, dime …. We walked over toward the van and the 7-11 store.  See Photo.  I found that dime -- under a Rainbow!  Plus a second dime and two pennies moments later inside the store.  (Coins #51-54).

Today was happening to me so quickly, I forgot to take photos (except for that Magical hour). You’ll just need to use your imagination.

Total:   58 Coins        P (52), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = $1.02 + 2 Chuck E Cheese’s tokens

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