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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day #442 - Worth It

I am NOT a morning person, so when the three alarms went off this morning from 5:15-5:25 AM, I groaned. It was still dark when I left the house for work. I was thinking, “getting up at these hours is so not worth it!” Yuck.

In past years I would coordinate the Annual Engineering Open House which was a combination of a recruiting event and celebration of enginering. Everyone was dismayed this year when it was cancelled due to budget issues. Even the custodians were disappointed. Instead, a new event was created to which only a few, select applicants were invited. So this morning as I was preparing things I was thinking, “This is not nearly as much fun. Only a few hundred people instead of 2,000. Is it even worth all this effort?”


At 6:30 a.m. I arrived at school and loaded a cart full of gear to set up for today’s event. I did not see anyone else around. I was maneuvering the cart to the next building and wondering why I was there. Was it really worth it? At that moment, my loaded cart rolled over a penny. Coincidence? (Coin #1)

During the event a co-worker who was staffing the information table said, “This dime was under my table, it must be yours”. (Indirect find). Note: I had thoroughly cleared that entire room and placed that table in position merely an hour earlier. I know that dime was not there at the time.


At 12:15 I had finished shutting down the first event and was heading to the next event. I had logged over 10,000 steps by then and was wondering how to endure more. Was all this worth it?

I was so very much wanting a nap at that point. I’d already put in 60 hours this week at work and there is still tomorrow to go! Then I spied a penny hiding under a vending machine. Energy boost! God’s 2¢ worth.


En route to the next building, I met a father and son who had just attended their department information session. They were so enthusiastic and excited. They said their drive was worth it. I asked from where they came? “San Francisco area”. Wow! That was encouraging.

At the conclusion of the second event, I stayed to answer questions from the guests. One mother daughter team stood out and were such a delight. They thanked me for all that they had encountered today. They said their long driver here was worth it. They had traveled all yesterday from the Bay Area. Another young lady was wanting to transfer from a local community college and seemed very appreciative when I was able to answer her questions and address her concerns.


Doc was at this morning’s function as well and assisted with demonstrations in one of the labs. Due to construction on the way home, he took a detour and ended up at the high school. So he logged a few steps on his pedometer and collected a dime, a quarter, and 5 pennies. (Coins #3-9).

This evening Doc wanted a little snack, so we passed thru the El Pollo fast chicken diner for a take away dinner. There was a light rain falling and Doc said I was crazy, but I couldn’t resist getting out of the van to walk past the pick up window as we were waiting for his food order. Penny Fever. I found a penny, gave a cheer, explained my insanity to the young lady at the window by giving her a Penny Card, shared a smile, and drove off into the drizzle…Joy shared. (Coin #10)

So, in hindsight, was today “worth it”? Yes, I guess it was. Maybe not in dollars and sense, but in smiles and reassurances.

Total: 10 Coins P (8), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.43 + one indirect dime

P.S. I asked Doc to proofread tonight’s Penny Tale before I sent it out. He asked, “In exchange for a kiss?” I replied, “Not Worth It!”

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