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Monday, March 22, 2010

Day #458 - Shining

Today progress was made on several fronts. It is now 10:45 p.m. and I have just submitted the grades for this term. Yippee!

This morning on the way to work, Doc and I stopped to get blueprints made of some of the house drawings for our meeting today. That stop was very quick and easy. We noticed a Carl’s Jr. on the way to campus - good opportunity to get today’s story. I walked the empty drive through lane and searched and searched. No coins! I was disappointed and told the Penny Angels as much. “Hey, I didn’t stop here, park and walk over here for Nothing, did I?” Then I spotted something very shiny. But it wasn’t circular like a coin. But it was the right color? But it was only a half circle. I looked closer. It was a penny! It was stuck in a metal cover plate in the driveway. It must have been wedged in the crack then run over in order

to bend it at a 90 degree angle. It took several minutes of prying with my pocket knife to free it. I just hoped no cars would come through the lane and schmush me like the penny!

Once at school, Doc found a penny in the breezeway and then a second one at the campus Starbucks.

Thought: Do you still shine even on the days when you have been run over? You may get bent out of shape, but your value is still the same.

Total: 3 pennies


New House progress:

In order to begin getting the approvals on construction, we need to have a landscape plan.

Today we had an initial meeting with the Landscape architect. He had some great ideas. He encouraged us to pass by one of his current jobs on the way home. I was hesitant and wanted to get my grading done, but we detoured. Sure glad we did! We met the work crew, the owner of the house, and saw the work in progress. My conclusion: “Pick up that design, stretch it to fit our lot dimensions, and plop it down on our lot! I loved the designs!” I am sooo inspired tonight.

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