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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day #450 - Verbalizing

I didn’t really feel like spending a lot of time Penny Hunting today, but because it is Day #450 I thought maybe the Penny Tale for today should be more interesting than just a simple Penny Find. So I asked the Penny Angels what they wanted to do.

They had lots of stories and lessons…


Doc and I agreed to get out of the house for 1-2 hours after I finished grading two sets of homework. We would see where the Penny Angels would lead us. Our first stop was the local Farmer’s Market. Doc detoured over to Starbucks while I searched the various stalls. I found one dime (Coin #1) and bought a bouquet of flowers to celebrate Day #450. That only took a few minutes and we had allowed 1.5 hours of “play time” today.


Doc and I did not feel that one coin was sufficient for such a landmark day, so we headed to the Claremont High School parking lot. We agreed to part ways and meet back at the van in 20 minutes. Doc walked the parking lot to get steps and find coins while I headed onto the campus. I walked all through the lunch tables, bike racks, etc. to find nothing. As I was walking down one hallway, I realized how quiet I was being. So I said Out Loud, “Good morning Penny Angels. People say that Verbalizing goals helps make them stronger. You’ve shown me and the other Penny Finders numerous times how Verbalizing seems to make things happen. So WHY don’t I do that more often?” The halls were deserted so I said out loud, “OK Penny Angels, do your stuff!”. Within 60 seconds there was a penny! Nice. Coincidence I’m sure. I stopped to pull out my voice recorder to docment that incident. I was speaking and saying “coincidence” when I spotted a nickel next to me. I laughed and recorded that find. Then I began walking and said, “Penny Angels. So that’s two coin. I still say it is Coincidence!” And instantly there was another penny. I was laughing. (Coins #2-4)

Those finds had taken less than 10 minutes, so I still had time to search. I headed for the Senior Center next to the school. Singsong here:

Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play, come out to play, come out to play? Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play - it’s a gorgeous day today.

I found a penny. “Hi Angels, that was cute. Anything else you want to say?” There were lots of bottle caps. I told the Penny Angels how in heaven bottle caps and coins might both be useless, but here on earth I preferred to find coins. I then found a Canadian penny. “Neat!” “I have 3-4 minutes remaining. Anything else you want to say?” I found a penny immediately, then another penny shortly thereafter. (Coins #5-8)

Lesson: Verbalizing seems to make things happen.

Doc was having a less productive time; however he did find two pennies. (Coins #9&10) One penny up against the grass, shining brightly in the sun. Another penny in a parking stall. Plus a nice softball! He teased and said I was STILL the expert and he was merely a Rookie.


I hopped into the van and told Doc about the verbalizing. I said, “We need a quarter to hit for the Cycle. Let’s ask for that!” So I started repeating, “Quarter, quarter, quarter…”

We stopped at Trader Joe’s. Found a dime immediately as I walked in. (Coin #11) I paid for groceries while Doc went to the parking lot. He found a penny under a dining table of the burger place (Coin #12)

We were heading home to make it back for my self-imposed Noon curfew. However, I was saying “Quarter, quarter, quarter …” So Doc detoured into the 7-11 store. Nothing in the parking lot. Just one penny under the counter inside the store (Coin #13).

We walked next door to the self-serve car wash. We looked in all the bays, nothing. The drains were all full of soappy water so we couldn’t see anything. The clogged sink with all the crud where we had found numerous coins that one night, was now dry and clean. Bummer! There was trash all over the vacuum hose bays, but no coins. I was disappointed. I began walking away … and spotted something! No way! Yes, it was a quarter! “Good job Penny Angels!” (Coin #14)

Doc and I hurried back to the parked van in the other parking lot and drove back to the car wash to get a picture of that Find. I hopped out of the van and there was a penny by my foot! (Coin #15) Somewhat of a P.S. to that story. Fun stuff!


It is 6 p.m. and I was taking a break from school stuff to write today’s Penny Tale. Doc went off to Starbucks because he needed to take a break from his afternoon napping. He just returned and handed me some coins. …

Doc found a penny in the dirt planter at Starbucks. He also found a Quarter at the window! We did do a lot of verbalizing this morning. There was a dime which he had to drive over (foregone). (Coins #16&17)

Doc stopped at the grocery store and found a dime under the coin counting machine (Coin #18). Then Sparky took him to the high school for a walk. They found two pennies there (Coins #19 & 20)

Doc was approaching a stop sign and spotted a dime - not in a median strip, just in the street. So he parked his van and walked back to get it. An elderly couple walked across the street and snatched the coin in front of him! He was so disheartened. But then spotted something shiny! The Penny Angels gave him another chance - another dime! (Coin #21). Nice.


I just asked Doc to open a bottle of White Zinfandel for me. He is laughing in the kitchen and shouting - “Your $1.99 bottle of wine is cheaper than my coffee!”


Lesson: Humor Helps - Rage Does Not

As Doc was driving home, one car (Car #2) squeezed in between him and the car behind him (Car #3). Driver of Car #3 sped up and made threatening and dangerous maneuvers. That driver then swerved back, hit the curb, hit a light pole and rolled his car just down the street from our house. Doc came home, called 911, then walked back to the scene to provide his account of what happened.

Total: 21 Coins P (14), N (1), D (4), Q (2) = $1.09 + one foregone dime

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