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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day #683 - More or Less

The learning curve on any new subject can be overwhelming. How true when building a house for the first time. Today I learned about grading, trenching, dust mitigation and more.

This morning began with a wake up nudging to do a few ARKs before starting my day. I told the Penny Angels that would be at least a 60 minute detour in my morning plans. They don’t care about our wordly timeclock. So I first went to the polling place to vote, then did the ARKs.

My first “work task” was to make photocopies at the Office Supply store. My thought upon entering, “I’ve never found coins here before, but there is always a first”. There was a penny by the copy machines and then as I was paying, I turned around and there was a penny in the aisle behind me! (Coins #1&2). Not just one find here, but two!

I returned home with my Hunting completed. Doc called home to say he had collected coins and lunch at McDonalds. One penny at the first window, a dime when getting his food, then another penny as he began to drive away. (Coins #3-5)


This afternoon we received an email update from the City saying that the Grading Engineer had completed his review and the plans were continuing forward. Note: You know how the number 25 has been special throughout Penny Finding and solar car racing. Today the Engineer wrote: “you may log into the City’s online permitting system. You permit number is PMT2010-2500.”


At 4:00 I met for an hour with a Grading Contractor. At one point he asked, “Will you be on site every day?” Thinking of my recent meeting with the Septic Contractor, I wasn’t sure what to answer. “Will it cost us more or less if I am on site?”

Anyhow, Carlos told me all sorts of things about dust control, grading, where to plant my rocks, etc. Four pages of notes there.


The next stop was to mail documents for the loan. As I entered the Post Office I was saying, “OK Penny Angels, here goes. This signed document should get the Loan Request Process Officially started now. Are you along on this?”

I walked into the post office to find a really long line. How frustrating. I hadn’t quite reached the back of the line when a postal worker at a side register said, “Let me help you over here. One last transaction before I go home.” 60 seconds later the transaction was complete. Was that an Angel in Postal Uniform?


This evening I dedicated some time to “organizing”. I played an Australian Christmas CD and then focused on Christmas cards -- the pile of cards and family update letters received LAST year! It is now more or less time to get those in the album before THIS year’s cards begin arriving!


Doc arrived home around 11 PM. He was too tired to withstand too much of my debriefing for today. He found a penny (Coin #6) when he visited the vending machines during a class break. He said it was leaning up against the wall as he was re-entering the building. What did that mean?

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

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