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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day #710 - Round #1

Calls and emails all morning. Then at 2:30 I received the call saying our Plans were finally ready at the City and I could come get them! We have made it through Building and Safety Round #1. I could barely carry those 18 lbs of documents and almost dumped the load twice on my way to my truck.

We reached this point once before a few years ago with the Claremont house. Then things came to a screetching halt due to the excessive City demands. So right now I’m holding my breath…

I stopped at a 7-11 merely to find coins. One penny in the parking lot, one under the cash register counter. It was 4:30 and I was hungry for lunch, so I got a piece of cheese and was standing on the planter curb while munching. There was a penny in the dirt, so I scraped it out, then spotted another penny and then another. Five pennies at this stop.

Doc came home from school with two pennies and a nickel which he collected at McDonalds.

Now I need to get back to work and prepare all these documents for the architect. Want to get these notes to her first thing in the morning ….

Total: 8 Coins P (7), N (1), D (0), Q (0) = $0.12

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