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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day #701 - Special Date

Before I met Doc, my friend, Lou used to take me to musical shows or something special for my birthday each year. That was a ‘big’ deal to save up for such an extravagant night out. After I married Doc, that tradition ceased for a few years, but then resumed when “the dust settled”. Tonight Doc took me to a Dinner Show of Annie at a local theatre. He did it “on behalf of Louie who would like to know you were being spoiled appropriately”. (Lou passed away two years ago). Is Doc amazing or what? I sure am fortunate to be married to such a fantastic person.


This afternoon Doc mailed the loan package and other items. Penny found at the office supply store. (Coin #1) Then he went out to the lot (in the rain) to take height measurements of the existing block wall and dirt levels. Meanwhile I wrote notes to the appraiser, plumber, insurance agent, remediation services, funding agent, contractor, etc.

At 5 PM it was time to dress and get out of the house. We allowed a few extra minutes when driving to the performance so we could stop somewhere and find my coin for today. We stopped at a 7-11 store where I found a penny under the counter. (Coin #2)


The performance of Annie was delightful. Doc had never seen it before. We shared our table with a family which spanned four generations. Turns out that Doc worked with great-grandpa at General Dynamics back in the 60s. Small world. The man is still super sharp at 90 years old and doing specialize machining jobs at Cal Tech. Impressive.

The two 12-yr old girls Autumn and Ashley seemed to be having a wonderful time. Of course I told them about Penny Tales and gave them each a Penny Card. Shared smiles.

Total: 2 Pennies

Lesson: Theme from Annie: “The sun will come out - tomorrow”

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