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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day #698 - Expert Advice

Doc collected a dime at Starbucks this morning.

The drive to the townhouse which took me 25 minutes last night, took over an hour this morning. With the mitigations services people gone, we could take action! Time to let out those aggressions and do some demolition!

My first run to Home Depot was for plastic sheeting and supplies to contain the mess and the mold. There was a penny in the parking lot just a few feet from the van.

Removed wet baseboards, drywall, and subflooring. Bagged it all up and hauled it out to the garage. Assessed all of the areas and found only a few small patches of mold.

This photo shows where the toilet used to be. Now it's a space with a view!

In the afternoon I went to Home Depot in search of a mold treatment. I did not see any. I stood in the cleaning products aisle looking at all the bottles of products thinking none of them seemed appropriate. I said, “Penny Experts, who could I ask for Advice on this issue? We need to be sure we follow proper procedures on this.” At that moment my phone rang. There are only a handful of people who have my cell phone number, so I expected it to be Doc. It was Erin. She owns an Environmental Test lab! Daryl had spoken with her earlier in the week and she chose that precise moment to call me back and see if I had questions. Coincidence? I asked her if she believes in Angels? Her reply: “You bet!”

I briefly told Erin about Penny Finders. Turns out she regularly picks up coins (to the embarrassment of her kids). After our conversation I asked the Penny Angels for a “coin for Erin” today. Within moments I found a dime. I called Erin back to share the “hug from the Angels”. Her response, “Thanks, I REALLY needed that signal today”.

Lesson: The Angels have answers for us. Why don’t we ask for help more often?
Total: 3 Coins P (1), N (0), D (2), Q (0) = $0.21

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