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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Day #695 - Sunset Cruisin'

This morning Doc went to Johnny’s burgers for his breakfast and one penny. (Coin #1).

I spent the day tackling the piles on my desk, clearing out some folders which I had brought home from work three months ago, and even washing a few windows. I think I was trying to ignore the townhouse flood issues.

Around sunset Doc said, “Let’s head to the townhouse and take a look around”. I didn’t feel like driving all the way over there. I responded, “The water mitigation company is checking the equipment and doing test readings every day. That is why we are paying them. We don’t need to go over there.”

We went for a Sunday Sunset Cruise. Doc suggested that we first spend a few minutes walking the high school parking lot for coins before it got dark. I found three pennies in various places. (Coins #2-4). Doc had a Sit-N-Find penny, then a nickel and another penny. (Coins #5-7).


We arrived at the townhouse and heard the humming of the four de-humidifier machines. All looked fine - until we looked in the bathroom. Water was coming out of the cabinet under the sink! For some reason the water from the dehumidifier hoses was not draining properly. There was a roll of paper towels and a toilet paper roll under the sink which were totally saturated. I had no rags, buckets, or anything to use except a few paper towels from the kitchen. I scooped as much water as I could from the cabinet into a plastic grocery sack, then pulled up the vinyl in the cabinet. Doc was on the phone with the mitigation service company while I was dealing with the water. Sure glad we checked on things. Follow those “nudgings”.


That project was hopefully put to rest for this evening so we headed for our typical Sunday night grocery run. Doc collected two pennies at Trader Joe’s (coins #8&9) ; no coins at store #2.

At the third grocery store I was casually looking for coins in the closed check out lanes. Someone had left their change in one of the return chutes! There were two quarters, a nickel and a penny! (Coins #10-13) Wow! I said, “OK Angels, we just need a dime to Hit for the Cycle”. As we were paying for our groceries, our change came out of the chute, plus there was a dime under the chute! (Coin #14). There was another dime in the closed lane next to us. (Coin #15) and a penny before leaving the store. (Coin #16).

As we were driving home, Doc realized he had forgotten to buy something. (I had suggested earlier today that he make a list, but he hates lists). So we went to a fourth grocery store. He got his stuff, I collected a nickel. (Coin #17).

Lesson: Even though you hire professionals to do a job, still listen to the “nudgings”. The Angels have a better perspective.

Total: 17 Coins P (10), N (3), D (2), Q (2) = $0.95

Double Hit for the Cycle!

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Mandy said...

Yeah! Angels have a higher vantage point ;)