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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day #684 - Of Legal Age

This month Pippy becomes of Legal Age. 18 years ago she was my birthday splurge. She now has 90,000 miles on her. She has agreed to work with me on the new house project and I’m sure I will depend on her to carry many a heavy load. So when I received a voucher recently, for a free “multi-point inspection”, I thought it might be time for her to get a Check Up. She’s run for nearly 100,000 miles now with very little care on my part.

This morning Pippy got an oil change and a physical exam. The Service Manager had a two-page report with many items saying “OE”. I finally asked what that meant. OE = Original Equipment. All the belts, hoses, shock absorbers, struts, etc. are OEs. The brakes are worn way down and the radiator has a leak. Pippy needs to be reliable once we begin construction so I guess she needs a bit of TLC and maintenance.


While Pippy was being probed and prodded, I went walking and Penny Hunting. After an hour I came to a Starbucks with numerous outdoor tables. I had a feeling there might be a coin under one of the tables in the far corner by the planter. I walked past there, There were two ladies busy chatting, but no coins. So I went outside the hedge and fencing to look at the patio from another perspective. Sure enough! There was a dime under that table! (Coin #1). I tried politely to make eye contact with the ladies, but they somewhat turned away and continued their discussion. Maybe I looked like I was trying to sell them something. Finally I just interrupted and said I would really like the dime from under their table. Then, of course, I gave them each a Penny Card. They responded with smiles and offered me the two pennies from on top of the table, but I said those were not valid finds.


Doc actually came home for dinner tonight! Afterward we headed to the grocery store. We stopped to see Tony at 7-11since it had been 5-6 weeks since we last said hello to him. Doc found a penny before we entered the store. (Coin #2) I found a quarter under the counter. (Coin #3)

I gave Tony a print out of Penny Tale Day #643 where he was Holding Up his customers. Tony presented me with a nickel and 3 pennies which he had found since then. I will add those to the Jar of Love Coins. Then Tony held up another customer - and made him hand over his pennies. Then a second customer and then a third! (7 pennies coaxed from people). I finally left saying I could not encourage his extortion antics! (The customers were laughing).

At the grocery store Doc had not even stopped the van when he spotted a Sit-N-Find penny. (Coin #4).

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (0), D (1), Q (1) = $0.37 + 8¢ gifted and 7¢ extorted

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