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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day #706 - Thanksgiving

Today is the 25th and 25 is my favorite number.

Doc and I spent most of the day in cleaning out the garage. Dust and cobwebs and the stuff which neither one of us like to deal with.

At 4:00 we showered and headed out for dinner and Penny Finding. The first stop was the high school parking lot. Doc found 2 pennies and a dime within the first 60 seconds! (Coins #1-3). I was envious of his finds and continued walking.

After 5 minutes I was growing impatient and did a Sing Song: “Hey Penny Angels won’t you come out to play? After all, it’s my birthday today”. Immediately there was a penny in front of me! “Thank You Penny Angels”. (Coin #4)

As I headed back to the van I was talking to the Angels: “One penny is OK, but as a birthday present, you could make it a little more significant.” A quarter appeared in front of the van! There’s my 25 number! (Coin #5). Then as I was opening the van door, I spotted a dime. Where did that come from? (Coin #6). Doc had collected an additional 3 pennies and dime while walking (Coins #7-10). He likes doing the math. He said: “So far I have 7 coins totaling 25¢). Nice”

Doc now had Penny Fever. We went to the grocery store to return the rented DVD. The store was deserted this evening! While Doc returned the DVD, I walked to the closed In-N-Out burger cafe. There was a penny in the dirt planter and another at the drive-through window. (Coins #11-12).

I returned to the grocery store to find Doc. I found him as well as a dime and four pennies. (Coins #13-17). As usual, Doc took me to the greeting card section and showed me various birthday cards. He encourages recycling by having me read the cards, then leaving them for others to buy and read. He also is being thrifty as we save up for the new house.

We went to Coco’s restaurant for our Thanksgiving Dinner. Doc of course had turkey, mashed potatoes, etc. I had a shrimp salad. I also walked next store to the closed Wendy’s burgers for 2 pennies (Coins #18&19).

Now we were laughing, “Let’s go to WalMart for some paper towels and bird seed”. Okay.

There were zero coins to be found at WalMart. Amazing! The place was deserted. There were pallets of covered merchandise throughout the store. Signs on them saying “To go on sale at midnight”.

At the gas station I found one penny deeply embedded in the dirt. (Coin #20).

Now we BOTH had a severe case of Penny Fever. We challenged the Angels to give us five more coins before we went home. At a closed McDonalds, I found a penny in the drive through lane. Then Doc found two pennies in the rock planter. Then I found a dime where I had just looked! (Coins #21-24).

We just needed one more coin to make the goal of 25 coins. We headed to the car wash. It took about 2 minutes, but I found it! (Coin #25). Thank You Penny Angels.

I was walking toward the van … and there was one more penny and a quarter in my path! That ruined the count of 25, but added 25 in a different way. We were laughing.

Total: 27 Coins (the 25 I requested + more)

P (20), N (0), D (5), Q (2) = $1.20

Doc is looking at the piles of coins in front of me

5 pennies + 5 pennies + 5 pennies + 5 pennies + 5 dimes = 25 coins + 25¢ + 25¢

5 dimes is a multiple of 25 also

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