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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day #694 - Mystery Coin

We met a plumber at the townhouse this morning at 8 AM. He assessed the situation and we all agreed that it didn’t make sense to take any action now until we determine the overall plan of action. We’ll just keep the water to the shower turned off for now.

We have had the condo listed for renting. Had the realtor remove the Lock Box yesterday because we don’t want people in there right now. Sure enough, today while we were there, a couple came by wanting to look at the place. We showed them around and told them it would be a few weeks until we were again ready to rent.

Today’s two coins were found at the grocery store. I found a dime and Doc found a ???

I’ve searched Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippino currencies and it is not any of those. Can anyone out there identify the country of origin for this coin?

This evening I did spend some time understanding and integrating the changes which the City has requested to our drawings. I want to be prepared for a meeting with the architect, so that we can make quick changes and re-submit.

Total: 2 Coins One Penny and one foreign 10 something

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