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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day #848 - Running

Today a colleague, Dr. Jawa, ran the 15.7 miles from our home in Pomona to our new home in Alta Loma. That is one heck of a long run with several hundred feet of elevation climb - especially those last few miles. He wore a GPS device which tracked his route and provided all sorts of great data! See:

Talk about goal setting. Two years ago Prof. Jawa could not run 2-3 miles. He read the book Born to Run and was inspired to set a goal - to run his first half marathon within three months. He accomplished that goal!

As Jawa left our Pomona house this morning he said, “and I will find a coin for you, Tina”. Sure enough, as we congratulated him at the completion of his run, he presented me with a quarter! (Again the number 25).


Penny Finding:

After Dr. Jawa left our house for his run, Doc also went for a run - to Starbucks. (coffee Run #1). I walked around the closed In-N-Out Burger to collect three pennies (Coins #1-3). Doc would return in a few hours there to collect what HE wanted (a double-double burger).

After Dr. Jawa’s successful run, he and Doc went for a celebratory beverage at Bad Ass Coffee (Coffee Run #2), I wandered the shopping center to collect a penny. (Coin #4).

Early afternoon son Brian called to have a few minutes with Dad. (Coffee Run #3).

This evening after dinner for some fun, Doc and I went to the hardware store for parts to fix an electrical cord. Stopped at the grocery store for 6 pennies as well. (Coins #5-10).

Total: 11 Coins P (10) + Love Quarter = $0.10 +

Doc’s Rebuttal when reading this: “It’s half decaf, thus it’s only equivalent of 1.5 cups of coffee”.

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JR said...

I should start collecting coffee runs!