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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day #856 - Screw-Ups

The fear of ‘Screwing Up’, doing something wrong, or providing less than an “A” quality product often keeps me from taking action. I’m trying to remember that “Screw-Ups” are lessons. Like a toddler who keeps falling when learning to walk.

Tonight I sent out an email to approximately 100 guests to “Hold the Date” for an event I am organizing. Before I hit the ‘send’ I prayed that I didn’t screw it up. I did. I typed the wrong date! Not just a tiny detail, but a Main one!

Sunday I submitted the April Disbursements to pay the various construction subcontractors. Made a significant Screw-Up there.

When the framer began laying out the support walls, he noticed two concrete stem walls were considerably out of place. Easy to screw up a tiny dimension, but how do you move tons of concrete a few inches? A talented team did develop a viable solution to resolve the issue.

This afternoon I took my mom to the county dental clinic. She is chemically sensitive, so an adhesive set her off into fairly violent spasms. A screw-up which the poor doctor could not have forseen.

What helps in any of these situations is people who assist and say, “let’s figure this out” versus criticizing, complaining, panicking or giving up.

Thought: How do you respond to your own “screw-ups” (lessons) and those of others around you?


Penny Finding:

On the way to the construction site, Doc let me run through a Carl’s Jr. window where I found a quarter. Then, as he got his coffee at Starbucks, Sparky and I walked over to another Carl’s Jr. and collected a penny. After working at the jobsite, we stopped at Trader Joe’s for groceries and a penny. Then at 9:30 PM Doc collected three pennies at McDonald’s on his way home from school.


House Progress:

Framer Danny completed the floor support system and said good bye to us for a week or so.

Photo #1 shows deck outside bedroom.

Photo #2 shows floor under master bedroom.

We met with a potential stucco guy. I revised the Landscaping plans and Sparky helped mark a few rocks which he liked.

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.30

1 comment:

JR said...

I don't think Doc should let you run through a Carl’s Jr. window. It just leaves a pile of shattered glass ... and scars.