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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day #868 - Spaced Out


How challenging can it be to get a flooring order placed? I found out today.

One of this morning’s objectives was to get that laminate flooring ordered. After many months of searching, I was looking forward to finalizing the effort. It should have been easy since the tentative order was completed yesterday. I merely needed to confirm the order after seeing the color sample. Around 11 AM I had not heard from the on-line flooring company, so I called.

“Did you get my email from last night to confirm my order?”

“No. It must have gone to the General Service Address.”

“OK. Let’s just confirm now.”
“Well, Normally I could, but my computer doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll call you back”.

Call back: “We are past the 24 hour hold period, let me confirm with the warehouse that they still have it!”

Call back: “Good News and Bad News …. “ My heart jumped.

They still had the flooring, but it had been pulled off line because of the hold on it. That meant I could not place the order until the product was reactivated.

Plan B: The sales rep took my data and credit card number. She would place the order as soon as the item became available.

Call back: “The credit card was not accepted!”. My heart again took a dive. Turns out the rep had one number wrong.

FINALLY the flooring for Doc’s office and the Family Room was ordered! Doc better enjoy it!


“Work Like a Dog”. How did that expression come about? You should see my dogs work ….

This is how they spent the day. I gave them food, fresh water, soft blankets, belly rubs and then cleaned up the back yard for the “processed food”. Who is working? Who’s in charge?


This evening I attended a session at Cal Poly Pomona by Dr. Jill Tarter. Title: “Are We Alone?” Dr. Tarter is the current Director of The SETI Institute and has a list of accomplishments and awards which would fill several pages. She was somewhat portrayed by Jody Foster in the movie “Contact”. The presentation was absolutely fascinating! The numbers and concepts were, well … cosmic in size.

Here is just ONE nugget to share with you:

Dr.Tarter asked “Are there Fish in the Ocean?” She then showed a person walking to the edge of the ocean and taking one 8 oz. glass of water at the edge of the shore. Holding it up there were no fish in it. Thus the conclusion was “There are no fish in the ocean”! That was the scale at which we, as humans, have sampled the universe in seeking other life forms.

This NASA animation of the Kepler Orrery is just fascinating. It shows the multiple-planet systems discovered by the Kepler probe (so far) which could potentially sustain life forms as we know them. Watch the interacting systems. Look at the myriad of ways which planets can orbit their stars! Some are much more complex than our simple and tiny system.


Penny Finding

Had some letters to mail, so instead of leaving them at my mailbox for the postal worker to take, I took them into the postal annex located in the 99¢ store. (I wanted a ‘decoy’ to look for coins). I looked for coins as I walked in, but did not see any. I was leaving and finally spotted a penny! Immediately Doc spotted a dime. Again I found the copper, he found the silver. As I bent over to fetch Doc’s dime for him, I was rewarded with a nickel of my own. Thanks Angels!

While I went to the SETI presentation, Doc went to KFC for dinner and a penny.

Thought: Our daily “glitches” are so, so trivial when you look at the earth from outer space.

Total: 4 Coins P (2), N (1), D (1), Q (0) = $0.17

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