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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day #891 - Conjoined

Most days it feels like Doc and I are “conjoined Definition = joined together (as separate entities) for a common purpose. Other days we aren’t quite as “in sync”. By mid-day today we had accomplished only 3-4 of the 47 items on my “To Do List” for this weekend and I was getting a bit uhh “grumpy” as a result.

This morning Doc insisted upon going out for breakfast. That was on his wish list, but not on my list. Then he wanted to detour for some Penny Finding which was also not on my list. Since the In-N-Out was still closed, he proposed I look there for today’s coin. I did not find any coins, but he found two pennies in front of the grocery store. (Coins #1&2). Later this afternoon, he and Sparky went to McDonalds for lunch and a dime. (Coin #3). I wasn’t worried yet about finding my coin for today.


At 6 PM Doc and I headed out for our weekly grocery shopping. We pulled into the 7-11 store just to look for coins. I found one penny inside the store and a dime outside. Doc found two conjoined pennies in the parking lot. Strange to see a ‘double penny.' (Coins #4-7).

The first two grocery stores were quite deserted tonight. Pennies in two different check out aisles at Trader Joes. (Coins #8&9). At the next grocery store Doc spotted two coins as he pulled up to park the car. Sit-N-Finds. (Coins #10&11). Then when we returned to the van, we saw a potential coin under the car. Doc moved the van and I collected the penny (Coin #12).

At the third grocery store Doc found a dime and a nickel before we got to the door. (Coins #13-14). Inside the store Doc spotted a nickel. (Coin #15). There were 5 rejected pennies in the coin counting kiosk and one on top. (Coins # 16-21). There were two pairs of conjoined pennies! That makes three sets of conjoined pennies today! How strange.

Thought: Reminder to Doc and I to be joined and “work for a common purpose”?

We really wanted to find a quarter, but knew we should get home to complete some of our tasks. But there were no cars at a fast food diner … found two pennies at that window. (Coins #22&23).

Then since our regular grocery store was right on the way home … we popped in there for a quick search. It was busy and I actually had to dive under a few people, but we walked away with four pennies and three dimes. (Coins #24-30).

Total: 30 Coins P (22), N (2), D (6), Q (0) = $0.92

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