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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day #872 - Flushed

Woke up thinking it was a Sunday and I could roll over and go back to sleep. Not the case. Edison inspection scheduled for 10 AM. Grader Craig and Electrician Stan were preparing the utility trench and lines. The pipe could not be connected yesterday as planned because the existing Edison line was full of mud and needed to be flushed. That requires the Edison rep to open the existing handhole for access. This morning the Edison field rep opened the box and Craig then used an air compressor to blow out the debris. I wanted to record that for you. I turned my head to see when Craig was going to flush and in that second, he did! Missed capturing it.

Doc called while I was on site and said he had collected two quarters and dime at Starbucks on his way to school. All Silvers. (Doc coins #1-3). Daryl who was standing next to me at the time, said he had found a dime (silver) this morning as well. That was the beginning of the male/female challenge for today.

On the way home from the site I was determined to find at least 4 coins to “keep up with the guys”. I stopped at the 7-11 and car wash. Collected a penny under the counter, flushed 2 dirt pennies out of planters, and grabbed 4 pennies and a dime around the car wash area. (Tina #1-8). Beat the guys!

I went across the street to the grocery store. I was at the service counter and spied ‘a silver’ wedged in a tight spot. My first thought was, “I can’t get that. It’s too narrow”. At first did not try. But service was taking a while and the coin was tempting me. Finally stuck my hand in there, closed my eyes, and ‘felt’ the coin. Got it! A quarter. (Tina Coin #9). Just needed a nickel now.

When returning to my truck I noticed no cars at the Del Taco drive through. Couldn’t resist, I ran over there. The drive up window area was unusually clean. No coins. Just as I was leaving, I spotted a little bit of silver in a deep concrete crack. It was a shiny nickel which I retrieved. (Tina Coin #10) Hit for the Cycle.

10 PM. Doc arrived home from work with his dinner (McDonald’s burger) plus four dimes and a penny in hand. (Doc coins #4-8)

Total: 18 Coins P (8), N (1), D (6), Q (3) = $1.48

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