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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day #866 - Preparing

Today there was progress on the electrical aspects of the house. We met on site with the Edison Design Engineer (Everardo) and the Edison Inspector (Robert) to review the scope of the work and prepare for the job ahead.

The photo shows Doc and Robert with the mandrel we need to use to ensure the existing electrical conduit from Edison’s box is clear to our property line. (Preparing it for the wiring to come through). Then we will run new line from there to the house.

The electrician (David) was under the house today running some main branches and conduit. He was preparing the path for the air conditioning units. He and I look like ground hogs popping up through the floor joists.


Doc found one penny at Starbucks this morning. (Coin #1) At 7 PM I realized I didn’t’ have any coins! Time to go Finding …

Doc went with me on my journey. First he drove through the high school parking lot. I immediately spotted a penny and was ready to go home after claiming it. Doc is not so easily satisfied. He kept cruising the lot. We found another penny, then another, then another… Twelve pennies there! Coin Mine. (Coins #2-13). Most were Sit-N-Finds.

At the bank I made a deposit; Doc made a withdrawal. I spotted a penny through the glass windows of the pizza store next to the bank. The penny was glistening against the dark floor mat inside. There were 4-5 customers all sitting there, waiting for their orders with this penny in the middle of them. I walked in the store, grabbed the penny, and left. Wonder what they thought of that? (Coin #14)

Next Doc checked his postal box as I checked for pennies at the CVS. Found one. (Coin #15).

Doc wanted to go to the 99¢ store. One penny outside, then one inside. (Coins #16-17). Doc said, “Seventeen Pennies - you need to think bigger and go COIN Finding, not merely PENNY Finding”. He then found a dime. And even when he pointed at it, I did not see it (Coin #18). Hmmm… do I need to change the “filter” through which I am looking?

It is now 10:15 PM and Doc is just heading out to school to prepare his exams for tomorrow. I instructed him NOT to find any coins since I have already written Today’s Tale. I will go prepare for tomorrow’s meeting with the landscape company and other things.

Total: 18 Coins P (17), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.27

10:30 PM. Doc just called in. He stopped for coffee at McDonalds. He often says I find Pennies because that is what I look and ask for. He prefers Silvers. He found two nickels and two pennies.

Lesson #1: Expect More. The Universe can handle it!

Lesson #2: Don’t write and send Daily Penny Tales until after midnight.

Total: 22 Coins P (19), N (2), D (1), Q (0) = $0.39

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JR said...

Prairie dogs are cuter than groundhogs and more associated with “popping” up.*

*a totally made-up statistic, given that there are 921,000 Google hits for “groundhog popping up” and only 378,000 for “prairie dogs popping up”.