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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day #873 - Harmony

What a fun day! The words from the 1960s song Aquarius came to mind:

“When the moon is in the Seventh House 
And Jupiter aligns with Mars …Harmony and understanding …. 
Golden living dreams of visions.”

It just seemed like everything was flowing in such harmony today. Framer Danny and Grader Craig were completing their tasks. To watch their skillful hands was wonderful. Project Manager Daryl was validating the water line integrity for the City Inspector. The Inspector was very pleased with the quality of framing and plumbing work. Craig found some really good topsoil at another construction site and filled Doc’s garden area so it is almost ready for planting.

Another “coincidence”? You decide. Framer Danny had said he was done for today, shook my hand and left. I watched Grader Craig work for a while. He said if he had some plywood to protect the garage, he would do some extra work along the East wall for us as long as his equipment was already there. Just then, Framer Danny returned. (I never did find out why). He agreed to use his forklift, separate out 4 sheets of plywood from the wood pile, and place it for Craig to use. Then he left again. Coincidence? Angel ‘nudgings’? Thoughts in Harmony?

Coincidence? When I left the jobsite I was ‘nudged’ to go down one street and then another where I saw a house undergoing major renovations. I got out of my truck and was standing there when the project landscaper pulled up and we began talking. I have been asking the Angels for someone talented in creating a “mountain” affect and this guy creates those. I sent him my plans and we will be talking more.



We were running a little early on our way to our bi-weekly sessions with the nephews and nieces. We quickly dashed into a CVS pharmacy to look for coins. Doc found a dime, then I found a penny. Once again that silver and copper disparity. (Coins #1&2). Then we stopped at a 7-11 Store. This time I found both a penny and a dime. (Coins #3&4) Doc found the peanuts.

We arrived right on time at 4 PM to pick up the kids. A few years ago we had taken them to Wilderness Park and I was thinking of that today. When we arrived, Nicolas asked if we could go to that park up the hill where the Boy Scouts camp? Were we reading each other’s thoughts? In Harmony.

We had a great time hiking the hills, then around the stream (as well as in it). I made the naïve comment, “We are not likely to find coins out in this area.” I was wrong. The older kids and Doc were way ahead of little Jamie and I. We were trying to catch up, but managed to collect one dime which the others had missed! (Coin #5) Too bad the coins were not as plentiful as the stickers we all collected from the bushes. There were hundreds in our pants, socks, and shoes. It was a pretty fun ‘team-building’ experience as we picked the burrs off of each other for what seemed like an eternity.

We had a wonderful Mediterranean dinner at one of the kid’s favorite restaurants. Then it was time for Chuck E Cheese’s. Doc found one penny (Coin #6) and I found six tokens there! (equal to 25¢ each).

Harmony creates Joy, and Joy leads to Harmony. Nice circle.

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (0), D (3), Q (0) = $0.33

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