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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day #887 - Talegate Party

Getting home at 11 PM tonight and too pooped to write!

At 8 AM this morning we headed out to the jobsite. Doc stopped for coffee where I collected a nickel and 3 pennies. (Coins #1-4). Framer Danny and crew had laid out all the top and bottom sill plates. That brought form to the rooms.

We had a 10 AM meeting at the plumbing fixture shop. Two-and-a-half hours to further refine our fixture list and make sure things were coordinating and to see if we could shave some dollars.

We stopped for lunch. I found a nickel outside and Doc collected a dime inside the diner. (Coins #4&5).

Then we returned to the jobsite to verify some measurements. The sink spaces are just under 48”. But we need 49” if we want to order the much cheaper standard sizes vs. having custom made countertops. Good thing we are checking the details now.


We rushed for our 4 PM bi-weekly appointment with the nieces and nephews. They all wanted to go to Jump ‘n Jamin’. The admission prices go down to half at 5 PM, so we had a little time to kill. We went Penny Hunting at a grocery store. Nicholas hopped out of the van and immediately found a dime, then Brandon found a penny. (Coins #6&7).

Hunting is tough and works up an appetite. So it was time for snacks and a Talegate Party. We feasted on string cheese and sliced apples.

We arrived at the mall and found a penny. (Coin #8) Jump ‘n Jamin’ is a play zone for kids. Adults are not meant to squirm and crawl through those tunnels and slides and cages and nets and bridges. My knees hurt, my arms are scraped, and my rump is sore! Meanwhile Doc went to the coffee shop and graded quizzes! I did find a penny when crawling on hands and knees up in one of the roped-in crawl tunnels (Coin #9). Both girls had scrambled right over it. (They are short and can walk through the tunnels versus crawling).

We had dinner at the mall. Nicholas had a homework assignment to write about his dinner tonight. So he suggested going for Mongolian BBQ. He and Doc found a penny (Coin #10). As we were leaving the mall Ashley found a penny in the parking lot. (Coin #11).

Next we headed for a library. Ashley read her book, Jaime played on a computer, Nick wrote his paragraph, and Brandon browsed. Then we had 30 minutes at Chuck E Cheese’s where the kids turned in the tickets they had been collecting for months. They now have 2600+ points!

When we returned the kids, Brother Greg was at home! That gave us a few moments to compare Construction Tales. They are just beginning the formwork for their home. Valerie has selected flooring for the majority of the house and it is almost identical to the one I selected for ours. (Oak with square wood pegs). As Doc was putting Jaime’s car seat away, he found a penny. (Coin #12).


At 10 PM we stopped to do some grocery shopping; our fridge was pretty empty. A nickel outside the store and a penny inside. (Coins #13&14)

That is enough Penny Tales for today. Now I must email the framer, plumber, roofer and a few others. Later!

Total: 14 Coins P (9), N (3), D (2), Q (0) = $0.44

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