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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day #886 - CPP

Constant Positive Progress (CPP) in many areas today: framing, cabinets, catwalk, electrical, banking, plumbing, flooring, invitations, etc. Nothing Earth-shattering.

Had a 9 AM meeting with a cabinet builder to discuss the laminate counters and some of the things which can’t be done using standard cabinet pieces. We will see what he comes up with. I found a penny on that excursion. (Coin #1).

Then it was back home to deal with many different things. The framer had questions regarding the cantilevered upper walkway. So that meant calls to the Structural Engineer, a review of the spiral staircase design, a look at the hold down design, issues of a support post, etc.

This afternoon some electrical work was done - but on our current house, not on the new one.

Around 5 pm I headed out to deposit a check and transport something to my mom’s house. On the way home I was ‘nudged’ to pull into a gas station. I argued for about a mile, then pulled in. I found a dime there. (Coin #2).

This evening was a series of small tasks: adjusting the plumbing list, compiling the flooring list, counseling with a friend, etc. Exciting to read the incoming RSVP emails for the 20 Year Solar Car Team Reunion.

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