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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day #890 - Glass Drops

Another fun day.

My first appointment was at a flooring store. Met with the owner and installer to see what ideas they had and I asked them to work up a quote for the project.

When leaving the store I noticed a convenience store across the street. Might as well walk over there and claim today’s penny so I didn’t have to think about that any more. There were no cars in the parking spots, so I carefully checked that area. There were no coins found inside the store. Rats! I felt sure there was a coin there. There were now three cars parked in front of the store. As I was walking past the last one, there was a penny under it! (Coin #1) Mushroom Coin.


I went home to do some chores, but needed some motivation. I asked Doc if he would go with me to research fireplaces when I had my tasks completed. He agreed. Early afternoon we headed out. Doc, of course, insisted upon his Starbucks coffee. I was disappointed that he parked the car instead of going through the drive up window so I could look for coins. I have never seen that store without cars in line. Today there was only one. I said, “Penny Angels, Move That Car. And give me a chance to search.” The car drove off leaving no coins, but exposing a $1 bill in its wake! I couldn’t believe it. Great!

We next went fireplace shopping. The first store had some interesting fireplace faces plus a free BBQ meal in celebration of the holiday! Score! The second shop was a small, older place with many things to observe. We looked at various fireplace displays and asked many questions.

For several weeks I have been seeking some dark amber glass pieces to look like copper pennies, thinking perhaps to inlay them in the entryway tile floor. Recently I bought a bag at the craft store, but at home they just were not the right color -- too pale and yellow. I plan to return them. Thursday I went to a stained glass shop to look for those glass pieces. The store did not carry that color and said those were not too common. Perhaps I should do some on-line searching. I left the store and said out loud, “OK Penny Angels, if you want me to use these glass drops in the Penny Palace, then I am giving YOU the assignment to find them. Today at the fireplace shop I noticed large bags of glass drops! I guess those are used for fireplace d├ęcor as well. There were green, blue, red, apricot, yellow, clear, etc. The sales rep noticed my searching and said, “we have some samples in those plastic boxes, look there.” Sure enough - - there were copper / amber glass drops! He let me have two to bring home. I laid them by the entry door and they look great! Wow Penny Angels, a two-day turn around time. Not bad!


Our next stop at a lighting fixture store was in the same shopping center with the closed KFC where Doc went Wild on Day #750. Remember that? Doc pulled 42 coins out of a crack under the drive up window! Serious Penny Fever. The KFC was still shut down and I teased Doc about getting more coins there. I should not have done that. He pulled out the chop stick and pliers and began digging! There was a shopping cart man laying there watching the show. He did wonder what we were doing. Doc unearthed three parts of pennies and a quarter! (Coins #2-5) Cheap thrills.

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (0), Q (1) = $0.29 + $1

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