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Monday, May 16, 2011

Day #878 - Rain in May?

It Never Rains in California - except when we don’t want it to. We did not put floor insulation in last Thursday or Friday because of the anticipated rain over the weekend. It did rain. Today the weather was gorgeous. Tomorrow we planned to lay the insulation, but rain is expected tonight and tomorrow night. Not good. Now we are looking at floor insulation Thursday. Keep in mind that we have Greg flying in Friday from Wisconsin in order to finalize the truss measurements. The floor sheathing is supposed to be in place and the wall lines marked. But first the Inspector must check the insulation which goes down on Thursday. Inspectors do not work on Fridays. This equation is not working like it is supposed to.

Monday morning. I did not like it. Doc dragged me against my will to go for breakfast with him. It was 9 AM. I had already eaten my breakfast and was ready to “go to work”. He demanded I keep him company while he went out to eat. Grrr. When I arrived at my first stop, there was a sign on the door: “Needed to run an errand. Be back in an hour. Sorry for the inconvenience”. Grrrr. The next 3-4 places did not generate any coins either. Grrrr.

When I got to the jobsite, grader Craig said that he would need to trench down and cut into the sewer line. What? Why? When doing the water pressure proof test, an inflatable bladder was inserted in the sewer line to block the water so it didn’t just flow out continuously. When the plumber tried to remove the bladder it failed leaving part of it stuck in the sewer pipe. Now surgery is required.

Around 1 PM today another load of concrete was poured. I didn’t expect this. It was great to see the front 3 pillars taking shape.

On the way home I stopped to get some filtered water. There were no cars in the Carl’s Jr. drive up window next door, so I ran over there. Two pennies at the window area. (Coins #1&2). I laughed and said “Hi Angels, Thanks for your 2¢ worth”. Then Iooked in the planter and found 2 dirt pennies - one was way behind some plants. OK. Double 2¢ Worth.

This evening we had dinner at the Cuisine of the Foothills fundraising event. Nibbled our way through dozens of food stations. Now feeling REALLY full.

Total: 4 Pennies

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