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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day #880 - Glitches

That shipment of laminate flooring was supposed to be delivered today. I waited until noon then left Doc in charge while I ran some errands. I returned the tile sample board, then stopped at CVS Pharmacy, Trader Joe’s, Old World Deli, a lighting store, and appliance store and more. Finally found a penny at Michael’s crafts. It was behind a register, so I traded the cashier - a Penny Card for the found penny. (Coin #1)


I returned home later afternoon. I called the plumbing supply company to see where my quote was. It was supposed to take a week - it has now been four weeks. Glitches. They were to call me right back.

After a few minutes, the phone rang. It was not the plumbing company, but rather the shipping company regarding the flooring. They wanted to deliver it tomorrow morning. No! Doc won’t be available and that is when the floor insulation is being installed. Glitches. Doc and I decided to drive to the distribution center and fetch the flooring ourselves this afternoon.


We stopped to put air in Pippy’s Tires and prayed she could handle the 995 lb. load. While Doc was pumping, Daryl called to say the insulation company decided to bump our installation until Friday! Glitches. Framing Danny and his crew were going to lay flooring Friday, Truss Greg is flying in Friday morning to take site measurements, and the City Inspector was scheduled for Thursday. Glitches.

While Doc was pumping the tires, I strayed through the car wash area. There were a bunch of parked cars. “No cents looking there.” Wrong. There was a penny next to a big SUV. Then a penny under a parked car. I kneeled down and stretched for it. As I went to stand up, there was another penny. (Coins #2-4). Next I wandered through the wash bays. One penny, then a Quarter! (Coins #5&6). There used to be 3 vacuum canisters which were no longer in place. Just three blobs of dirt there -- and seven pennies embedded in that dirt. (Coins #7-13). Meanwhile Doc found a penny of his own. (Coin #14). Coin Mine.


As we drove away from the car wash, Doc was chastising me for wasting time on penny finding when we had things to do. While telling me his thoughts, he looked out his window (we were stopped at a red light) and exclaimed, “Penny!” The Penny Angel’s cents of humor and timing is cute. Doc put Pippy into neutral and hopped out of the truck to collect the coin - it was a barely recognizable dime. (Coin #15)


We then proceeded to the distribution yard. It was difficult to find the yard entrance. Finally got inside, then found the building front door locked. Glitches. But Jackie said she would be there until 8 PM and it was only 4:15. We rang the buzzer and a voice said there was no Jackie in that building - try in the shipping yard. We did locate Jackie and our shipment. It was loaded by forklift onto Pippy. Just as the load was being placed, my phone rang. Our renter in the Duarte townhouse had an issue needing attention. More Glitches. I told her I would need to deal with her shortly, because at that moment I was concerned about Pippy’s strain under the load. Pippy is a real trooper and did OK.

We drove to our storage unit where Doc and I began offloading and stacking the 36 cases one by one. It began drizzling, then raining. Glitches.

This ‘discount’ flooring has been quite a challenge to acquire. Several years ago there was a similar story with the wood flooring for the Grand Room. That flooring and the new flooring are sitting together tonight. It seems each component of this Penny Palace has a story of its own.

When Doc and I went out for dinner, we found a dime. (Coin #16).

Total: 16 Coins P (13), N (0), D (2), Q (1) = $0.58

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