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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day #867 - Found: Flooring

Yesterday’s Penny Tale was about being prepared. Is the purchase of flooring 6-7 months ahead of time being adequately prepared?

For months I have been working on the floor covering decisions for the new house. The flooring influences the cabinets and so many other things. It has been a real challenge to find flooring which meets the required specs: Doc wants a certain color, I want a certain look. Doc wants it for under a certain price, I want it not to look that cheap.

Last week I had 20 minutes while I was waiting for a job to be completed at one business. I was “nudged” to wander down the street to a flooring store. After months of searching, I found just the laminate floor color and type I was seeking! And the price was in our range of under $2/sqft. Thank You Angels. I tried to order a color sample on-line. Turns out that particular color was discontinued last year. Rats!

This morning I went on-line to search for the desired flooring. I located 29 boxes at one place. But I need 35. So I kept searching … 13 more found. Yipee! This afternoon I went back to the flooring store to borrow the sample board and bring it home. I want to see how the color and texture look with our furniture and other samples. Looks good! I will place the order in the morning.

Lesson #1: Don’t give up too easily. One “NO” or Shut Door can usually be overcome.


Stopped at Home Depot on the way to the jobsite. Spent 1.5 hours there ‘researching’ various items. Yes, I searched the check-out area several times for coins. After paying for my merchandise I turned back one last time to look for coins. A cashier, Julieta asked if she could help me with anything? I thought, “I am going to be really bold with her and just ask.” So I said, “Yes, I need to find today’s Penny. I haven’t found any yet and it is Day #867”. Julieta’s reply: “Earlier today I saw a shiny penny behind those plastic bags over there and was surprised by it. Take a look if it is still there”. I did; it was. Shared JOY at that discovery!

Lesson #2: Include other people in your endeavors. Instead of seeing it as bothering them or intruding, realize that it can be an opportunity for Shared JOY.

Total: 1 Penny

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