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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day #892 - Holiday?

It must have been a holiday because we didn’t get any mail delivery, but to us today seemed just like any typical work day. Our first stop was at an office supply store for a hanging file, photocopies, and two pennies. (Coins #1&2). Then Doc stopped for coffee while I collected a dirt penny. (Coin #3).

We next went out to the jobsite. The framing crew was out in full force erecting the walls for my office and the family room. When younger, Doc used to do framing work with his father during the summer months. Today he offered to help lift a wall, but the guys suggested he stand out of their way. I had Doc use his ‘pent up desire’ with me instead -- to cut and install 9 ‘shelves’ (fireblocks) in the Dragon’s Lair (project office). I was 'nesting'. That was fun.

Doc and I noticed a few wall measurements on the house which were not in accordance with our plans. I will address those in the morning.

On the way home from the jobsite we stopped at Home Depot to verify clothes dryer dimensions and look at other things. One wall of the house will need to be ‘stretched’ as a result. We didn’t even spend a single dime in the store today, but we found one! (Coin #4).

We were driving away from the Home Depot when Doc suddenly stopped the van. “I just ran over a brightly gleaming penny. Go back and get it.” And you think I am crazy? This man has severe Penny Fever!. (Coin #5)

This evening Doc went to school to prepare for his last week of classes while I spent a few hours editing a report for a friend.

Total: 5 Coins P (4), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.14

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sit-n-find? run-over-and-find?