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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day #617 - New Gate

This morning we planned a full day of work at the condo followed by work at school, then home by a reasonable hour.

Doc stopped at Starbucks (coffee #1) and had me look for coins at Stater Bros. and Taco Bell while he was getting his coffee . No coins.

We needed lumber, wood fence stain and other supplies, so it was back to our same old routine - Monrovia Home Depot. No coins there either.


Doc insisted upon stopping at Carl’s Jr. for another coffee (coffee #2). It had been two whole hours since his last cup. I found a penny at the window, then a penny in the dirt planter, then another dirt penny. Doc spotted a penny on his side as well. As we began to drive away, I shouted “coin!” and Doc stopped instantly near a dime. (Coins #1-5).


We worked at the condo for a few hours on the new gate. I was really hot and the paint was wet, so we decided to head to Cal Poly for the next few hours and return when the paint was dry.

At CPP I boxed up my office contents, took pictures off the walls and cleaned out most of my desk. Then we hauled the gear home. It had been 4-5 hours since Doc’s last coffee, so he stopped at the Chevron station (coffee #3). He also found a penny underneath a huge potted tree. (Coin #6). Coins may not grow ON trees, but what about UNDER trees? With the number of coins mom found in the planters at the condo, I am beginning to wonder.


After unpacking boxes at home we returned to the condo for a few more hours of work. Got the new gate hanging nicely!

Total: 6 Coins P (5), N (0), D (1), Q (0) = $0.15

Thought: New Gate = New Openings on the horizon

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