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Friday, August 13, 2010

Day #602 - Early Birds

Friday the 13th. It was a good day for Penny Finding and we weren’t really even trying hard.

This morning we needed to be at the rental unit by 7 AM to receive the new kitchen range. That meant leaving our house at 6:15 AM. Ughhh! We allowed for LA morning traffic, but were pleasantly surprised to arrive 20 minutes ahead of schedule - so Doc went to Starbucks. While he got coffee, I walked the parking lot and found a penny, then a second and a third. I spotted a fourth, but let Doc retrieve it. (Coins #1-4).

We still had a few more minutes, so Doc and I walked toward the grocery store. Doc instructed me to check the newspaper stands. “I never find coins in those”. But then I spotted something shiny - it was a slug (a very pretty one at that).

Doc suggested I look around the vending machines. Sure enough, a dime! I kneeled to retrieve it and spotted a quarter under the machine and then a penny even further under it. Had to practically lay on the concrete to get it. And then there was a penny under the other water vending machine. (Coins #5-8). Doc said, “See - you get rewarded when you obey your husband”.

We walked inside the grocery store where Doc found two pennies near the coin counting machine. (Coins #9&10)

Thought: TEN coins before 7 AM! The early bird catches the coins.


We arrived at the condo on time. As we approached the front door, there was a penny in the path. (Coin #11) I instructed Doc, “Please pick up that penny, then check around the washer and dryer.” He emerged with a dime. (Coin #12). My comment, “See what you get, when you listen to your wife’s advice?

By 8 AM we had the new stove in place, the cutting board sanded, vines trimmed, and 12 coins in our hands!

Late morning we made a run to Home Depot for a light fixture and bathroom mirror. Found a penny at the Contractor’s check out area. (Coin #13).


We worked until late afternoon, then stopped at Home Depot for more supplies. After that we took a break at the Mexican Restaurant near our house. Emilio, whom we had met two weeks ago (story on Day #587) walked in and said, “Hello Penny Lady”! He offered a trade for another Penny Card. J


We finally made it home. After unpacking gear, Doc offered to go for groceries while I fed dogs, put things away, and wrote up Penny Tales. He came home with more coins! That man has Penny Fever.

Doc stopped at Circle K for coffee (yes, that is his third stop for coffee today). He found a penny as he was driving away. (Coin #14) . He had to stop, hop out, and get it. Sit-N-Find.

Then Doc searched the high school parking lot (he claims he was just getting a few more steps on his pedometer). He was leaving empty handed when he spotted a penny. (Coin #15). Sit-N-Find

At the bank Doc spotted a penny under a bench out front. He had to lay on the ground in order to get it! Severe Penny Fever! (Coin #16). That was definitely not a Sit-N-Find. (Perhaps a Lie and Stretch)?

At the grocery store, there was a cashier waiting for customers. Doc entertained her by picking up a penny and smiling. (Wish he would distribute Penny Cards as well). Then he found a quarter as he was getting his shopping cart. Two more pennies as he was checking out. (Coins #17-20).

Total: 20 Coins P (16), N (0), D (2), Q (2) = $0.86 + a pretty slug

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