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Friday, August 6, 2010

Day #595 - Yack, Yack

Dozens of phone calls and emails going back and forth today. Yacking all day. Everyone I dealt with was so helpful and courteous. Such JOY!

I originally had a totally different plan for today…

Theoretically this morning Doc and I were supposed to get an early start and head to the condo. We would work until mid-afternoon, then come home, shower, maybe have a nice meal and watch a video this evening. Things did not happen anything like that.


This morning Doc and Sparky went for coffee. They collected a penny, nickel, and dime (Coins #1-3). I used that time to make a few calls… I began working with the electric company rep, the gas company, the water company engineer, the septic tank company, and numerous other persons. Call after call and then emails too! Yack, yack, yack. By mid-afternoon Doc asked if we were still going to the townhouse? “Of course we are!” The flooring crew is installing tomorrow morning and there is much work to do.

Our first stop was at the key kiosk to have a few keys made. While I was doing that, Doc walked the parking lot. He didn’t find any coins out there. But there was a dime right next to the van when he returned. (Coin #4).

Lesson: Sometimes the things we seek are closer than we realize.

Our next stop was Home Depot for a new ladder. We were both excited to try out this new telescoping multi-ladder. I needed some way to work on the light fixture and things in the staircase area. Using a regular tilt ladder scares me!

We finally made it to the condo around 4:30. So much for quitting at that time; we were just starting! We painted, cleaned, fixed, etc. until after 9 PM. Then we were almost too tired to drive home. We stopped at Carl’s Jr. for a coffee, a burger and a salad. While Doc was placing his order at the microphone, I opened the van door to find a super shiny, new shield penny right on the curb beside me! Don’t know why I was ‘nudged’ to open the door right there. This penny is gorgeous! (Coin #5). Before Doc advanced to the pick up window, I searched the area - twice. I saw nothing. Doc drove up, got out of the car and picked up a penny right there! It must have manifested just for him. (Coin #6) Mushroom Coin.

Total: 6 Coins P (3), N (1), D (2), Q (0) = 28¢

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