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Monday, August 30, 2010

Day #619 - Full Submittal

Today I shut down my Cal Poly Pomona office and then we delivered our house plans (Full Submittal) to the City.


This morning around 1 AM as I was heading off to bed and turning out the lights, there was one of those “nudgings”. Actually it had been a mild nudge for the past week, but I had been too busy to follow through. This time the nudging was stronger. I went back downstairs, turned on the computer and did research for the following hour. Did not find what I was looking for and went to bed around 2 AM. Crawled in and then the ideas started popping out. It was like a Dandelion Explosion of Ideas. Good thing I keep a pad of paper by the bed. For the next hour I captured those ideas and images.

By 3AM I was still thinking, but realized daylight was approaching. But the dog next door did not care. She barked from 2 AM until ? At 4 AM I finally went outside and talked to her, but she did not care that I wanted to sleep. (This morning as I was leaving the house, she was sleeping peacefully!)


The first stop Doc and I made this morning was at Starbucks. We collected one penny, one dime, and two quarters. (Coins #1-4) Doc said: “The value of those coins is 61¢. 1961 is your year of birth, so this will be a good day for you”. Then he said, “With that great start, we just need a nickel today. You found a nickel as your last coin yesterday. Maybe the Penny Angels use any 24 hour period, not necessarily midnight to midnight”.

Ohhhh, I just remembered. The cashier at Starbucks said “Hi! You are the Penny Lady”. I knew he was a student. We found out that Ricky just graduated in marketing and specializes in social networking. He said he would call me some time about Penny Finders! Let’s put the Penny Angels to work on that project …


Our second stop was to drop off the house plans and get 20 copies made. The copy place is close to campus, so next we left the plans and went to work. I spent time showing a co-worker where I had left things, handing over some keys, taking things off my walls, and carrying out the last of my gear. At Noon I sent out an email saying my office was vacated and I took the sign off my door. L

That Door was Closed today.


We next returned to the copy shop to get all those plans. That’s a lot of paper! We passed by the architect’s office to pick up the colored elevation renderings. Wow! the house looks nice in color. (So far we had been seeing black and white). So we stopped at Staples to make a color copy, but they could not copy from the print. (Needed an electronic version). We did collect one penny. Good sign. (Coin #5)

At 2:30 we were at City Hall with a Full Submittal of our project. Yipee!!!! Doc has often commented to me on how long this City review process is taking. It has been 3.5 months of casual reviews. Today when we officially submitted our plans, the Project Planner said, “It’s amazing how quickly your project is moving! That is very unusual.” (Maybe because we have Penny Angles on our team?) We are scheduled to go before the Technical Review Board and then the Design Review Committee on September 14th.


By 3 PM we were very hungry and stopped for lunch to celebrate that our plans were turned in! There were three nice, shiny pennies at the cash register as we were paying! Were the Penny Angels celebrating with us? (Coins #6-8). Trilogy?


After lunch as we were driving down the freeway toward the condo, Doc quipped, “Hey, maybe we can get there by the crack of SUNSET to start our work!”

We arrived at the condo, made a shopping list, and headed to our usual Home Depot. It had been two days and we were going through withdrawal pangs. I found one penny there. (Coin #9) Plus Doc spotted one of the items on our shopping list in an area where it should not have been. Just a wayward item which someone must have set down there. Exactly what we needed!

We worked until after 8 PM and then realized we needed a plumbing part. So we scrambled to get to Lowe’s before they closed. Did not have the energy to work more, so headed home. Don’t know how we will finish the condo tomorrow. So much to do yet.


Doc wanted ice cream, so we stopped at the grocery store. As we got out of the car, I told him we needed a nickel to Hit for the Cycle, but I was too tired to care or seriously ask the Penny Angels tonight. I did say “Nickel, nickel, nickel about 10 times when walking into the store.” Doc got ice cream and a dime. (Coin#10) That’s nice, but it is not a nickel. We both agreed we had plenty of coins already, and weren’t real serious about finding a nickel.


The fuel gauge on the van had alarmed to say we were running low, so we detoured for fuel. While Doc pumped gas, I searched the pumping area saying out loud, “Nickel, nickel, nickel”. The cashier inside the convenience store was a bubbly and cheerful young lady who asked, “Looking for more pennies?” I had met her once and told her the story. While we were talking, I spotted a dime hidden deep under the counter. (Coin #11). I answered that actually I was searching for a nickel tonight to “Hit for the Cycle”. We chatted a few minutes more, then I returned to Doc. He said, “Look on your seat”. There was a nickel! (Coin #12). I accused him of planting it. Doc does not lie. He had found the coin over in the dark corner of the lot by the air hose pumping station. I, of course, ran back inside to Share the story. It’s amazing how many times coins “manifest” within moments of Sharing the story with someone.


As I am writing this tale, I am trying to remember some of those wonderful ideas I had during the wee hours this morning. I don’t remember them now. It’s as if they were a sudden burst of inspiration. Ah yes, it had to do with the Phrase “All Creatures Great and Small”. This morning I heard that song playing (confirmation?) as I walked out into the back yard and was greeted by a hummingbird who flew right at me in a very bold gesture. (More confirmation?)


Gosh those Penny Angels were good to us today; helping us ‘advance’ our numerous projects.

Total: 12 Coins P (6), N (1), D (3), Q (2) = $0.91

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