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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day #590 - Playful

This morning Doc went out for breakfast with son, Steve and grandson, Ethan. Then they went to Starbucks! So that got Doc out of my way for a few hours. I did household chores.


This afternoon Doc wanted to go to the hardware store for replacement window parts so we could repair the rental house windows. He does not like going places alone, so he enticed me to go along by saying I needed a coin for today. We found neither the parts nor any coins at the hardware store.

Our next stop was WalMart. I was noticing the very full parking lot and dreading the crowds in the store. But more customers means more potential for wayward coins. There was a dime by a beverage vending machine before we reached the front door. (Coin #1) Done for the day. As I walked in and looked to my left, there was something under the optometry display - a quarter! (Coin #2). Then a penny in the optometry area. (Coin #3). Doc went to pull a shopping cart and there was a dime just right in the middle of the aisle! (Coin #4). While I looked for shelf lining paper, Doc looked at TVs, and found a penny. (Coin #5). Then I found a penny as we were leaving. (Coin #6).

We had some checks to deposit in the night drop slot at the bank. Doc pulled up to the sidewalk and let me out. There was maybe 50 ft. between the van and the mail slot. We needed a nickel to ‘Hit for the Cycle’ so in those 50 ft. I said “C’mon Penny Angels. Nickel, Nickel, Nickel, Nickel….” There was absolutely no reason a coin should be on that sidewalk. Plus it would be really difficult to see in all the tree droppings. I turned back toward the van and a few feet from the car was a nickel! There was no way I could have missed it on my way in. Talk about manifesting! (Coin #7) I was shocked! Don’t ask me why I continue to be so surprised. You’d think after 590 days I would BELIEVE. As I retrieved the nickel, a nearby penny sparkled at me from the dirt flower bed! (Coin #8). Playful Penny Angels.

Doc stopped at Circle K to check his lottery ticket. I spied a “Sit-N-Find” penny as he parked the van; then a second penny by the outdoor tables. (Coins #9&10)


This evening we had another structural failure. A shelf in the laundry room gave way, so it took a few hours to remedy that situation. Then spent a few hours preparing our package to submit to the City tomorrow morning for Round #2.

Total: 10 Coins P (6), N (1), D (2), Q (1) = 56¢ Hit for the Cycle

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