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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day #620 - Smelly Cocktail

Doc and I had three major goals to accomplish in August. Two were completed yesterday and we almost finished the third one tonight. We were to have our Duarte rental condo totally rent-ready by today. We finished all the fix-ups, now need to do the final cleaning. Today we did so many things. As I am sitting here typing to you I feel like a “smelly cocktail”; a mixture (probably volatile) of sweat, sunscreen, cobwebs, termite tunnel dirt, leaves, grease, sawdust, paint, metal cleaner, toilet cleaner, dishwashing liquid, paint thinner, all purpose cleaner, with just a hint of barley tea. Real flavorful!


We had removed some decorative wall mirrors and hanging chandeliers at the rental condo. They had been sitting in the garage these past two months because I didn’t want to throw them in the garbage, yet didn’t know what to do with them. Today was clean out day and they needed to move. We discovered a Habitat for Humanity Rehab store just 5 miles away. Perfect! The place was a goldmine. Wish we had discovered it when we began this fix up job. It felt good to donate the materials instead of throwing them away. Doc even found a penny as he carried in the last set of mirrors. (Coin #1)

By then it was 2 PM and we were very hot and tired. Doc stopped at the grocery store for a cold beverage - and one penny (Coin #2).

We worked a few more hours and even managed a few ARKs for some of the neighbors. Late in the afternoon one of the neighbors came over with two ice creams for us and some home brewed tea. Don’t you love it when ARKs are contagious? Also since we have been fixing our condo, other neighbors have been doing a few fix ups on their units as well to keep up with us. Good deeds makes a difference!

At 4 PM Doc needed a snack. So he headed to Der Wienerschnitzel for hot dogs, French fries and soda. After placing his order, he spotted a dirt-caked penny in the planter on his side. Then I collected a penny and a dime below the pick up window. (Coins #3-5).


We had a $6 voucher which expired today for an office supply store, so we stopped there on the way home. The store was already closed. So, we wandered next door instead to the home furnishing store to buy two pretty hand towels to display on the two towel rings we hung this morning. Doc spotted a penny as we walked in the door. (Coin #6).

Doc wanted to get sodas which were on sale, so we made a quick stop at the grocery store. Dime as we walked in the doorway. Then there was a penny under the nectarine display. (Coins #7&8). I also ran into a colleague whom I hadn’t seen in months and got a really needed bear hug. Wonder what he thought of the ‘smelly cocktail’?

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