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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day #598 - Mountain Moments

We had many memorable moments in the mountains today. (Most of which were pleasant). There were beautiful outlooks along the highway, interesting animals at the Big Bear Zoo, food, a water slide, and of course … lots of Coin Finds.

Today we set out with the two nephews and niece to go exploring. My plans, of course, were different than Doc’s.

I intended to drive right over to Big Bear; Doc detoured through Blue Jay where there is a Starbucks inside the grocery store. As Doc parked the van, Brandon spotted a Sit-N-Find dime! (Coin #1). Inside the store Ashley found a penny on a table with some litter. We agreed that normally coins on a table are considered tips and not legitimate Finds. But in this case, it was deemed to be a discarded penny and an acceptable find. (Coin #2). As Ashley was running to show me that coin, she ran right over another one! (Coin #3). Then Uncle Doc spotted a dime by a vending machine and needed Nicholas to retrieve it for him. (Coin #4). I said, “We just need a nickel and quarter to Hit for the Cycle”.


Next we drove to Big Bear. Four out of the five of us were enjoying the drive. Ashley got car sick. The plastic bag I grabbed had a hole in the bottom. The van was not a pleasant place to be after that. We had at team meeting to determine whether to proceed to the Big Bear Zoo or to turn back home and do something else.

We proceeded to the zoo. As we were driving through town and stopped at an intersection, Doc spotted a potential coin in a crack. He pulled aside and rescued another Crack Penny. This one was in really bad shape with a small piece of it missing. (Coin #5)

We had a great time exploring the zoo. Then we had an enjoyable lunch - which Ashley retained only until we headed back down the mountain. That was a waste of money. Two more plastic bags were buried at pull out areas along the side of Hwy 18.


We finally arrived back at the cabin at 3:45 PM. The boys had been wanting to go to the Swim Beach at the Lake. The beach was open until 5 PM, so the kids changed into swim clothes and we scurried to the lake. We were in such a hurry to get to the ticket booth, that we forgot to shut the van door. Doc grudgingly went around to shut the door and found a nickel behind the van! (Coin #6)

The first thing the boys did was to conquer the water slide. Ashley and I took photos. As the boys excitedly told us about their experience, I looked down in the sand to find the Quarter we had asked for! (Coin #7) Hit for the Cycle.

We had 15 minutes remaining in the park. I was sitting on the sand watching the kids. Other people were there with bikinis on, sun lotion, coolers, etc. I had on long pants, socks and leather shoes, no chair or sun shelter and was feeling very out of place. I was looking at the sand around me and saw cigarette buts and trash. Ashley came up, stood beside me and said, “There is a quarter by your foot!” Wow. How could I have missed that? (Coin #8) I guess the Penny Angels wanted to emphasize their point and gave us TWO quarters today.


While we were at the beach, Uncle Doc went to fuel the vehicle. He went to the 7-11 and found one penny beside the car while fueling, then three pennies along a block wall. (Coins #9-12)

At the grocery store Doc found a penny on top of a 2 ft. high wall. Then one beside the wall and one by the curb. (Coins #13-15).


After dinner we went downstairs to look at the Ping Pong table. Brandon found a penny at the lowest step. Planted Penny or Penny Angels at work? (Coin #16)

Total: 16 Coins P (11), N (1), D (2), Q (2) = 86¢ Hit for the Cycle

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