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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day #592 - Strategies

Now that we are putting more time and energy on the new house, there is less focus on Penny Finding.

This morning we went to the bank to wire some funds and re-position our finances. That will look better as we apply for a construction loan for the new house. Like a chess game: Moving the pieces and trying to develop the best strategy to win at this game.

While parked at the bank, I noticed the In-N-Out Burgers had not yet opened for the day. I quickly walked past the drive up window and collected two pennies. Then I found another penny on one of the outdoor eating table benches. (Coins #1-3). My strategy was to get a coin early in the day and not think about it any more today.


At 11 AM we met with the Landscape architect for 1.5 hours and showed him the revised Grading Plan. He is an older retired Cal Poly guy and such a wealth of information and experience. A real asset to our team. He had some good strategies for our project.

After that we headed out to the Duarte Rental Unit. We stopped at the flooring store to finalize the order. Doc allowed me 15 minutes to go next door and explore the tile store. Ohhhhhhh…. Drool. I began dreaming about the New House. Tile for the kitchen, bathrooms, entryways ….

The painter was finished with the job, so we did a walk through. What a difference to have the ceilings repaired and painted, tan cabinets instead of dark brown, and no crayon or ink drawings on the walls! Nice.

So much happening each day. This is great!

Total: 3 Pennies

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